Logan Official and International Trailers

We are now just over a month and a half away from Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine adventure in Logan. Today we have a new official and international trailer, giving us a little bit more information on the movie, primarily the relationship between Logan and Laura Kinney/X-23 (Daphne Keen). Not surprisingly, they are more alike than we realized. She only has 2 claws but she seems to do just as much damage with her aggressive behavior when she is in danger, like she was a few times here. Logan was also unsure about taking care of her but luckily Xavier was there to remind him that they were alike and that she had no one else. He teaches her that this was the way the world was now and it is pretty bleak. The first trailer is on the NSFW side with some language which will always be weird to see and the other is very similar but cleaner. I can’t wait to see Logan when it releases on March 3rd, 2017


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