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I was happy to see there was a new episode of The Flash this week (for some reason I thought it started next week) because although it has its flaws, the superhero show is extremely consistent and fun to watch. One thing I have noticed is the show has been going away from the “villain-of-the-week” motif or at least putting less emphasis on it which may seem like a good thing but it isn’t quite...

By: CineMuseFilms The single most requested photograph held by the American National Archives is one of Elvis Presley shaking hands with Richard Nixon. That meeting has become the stuff of legend: a past-his-prime rock ’n roll star and an unpopular President, both destined to leave their mark on history for very different reasons. The film Elvis & Nixon (2016) is a humorous historical account of this unlikely encounter between soul-mates from different worlds. But that story...

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