TV ReviewsLethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 13: The Seal Is Broken Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 26, 2017

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Synopsis: Riggs and Murtaugh investigate a series of violent crimes with one thing in common – the victims are all members of the same church. While investigating the case, Riggs faces a moral dilemma of his own when the one-year anniversary of Miranda’s death sends him to a new low. Also, Trish and Roger disagree with RJ about his future. (IMDB)

Writers: Adele Lim, and Gene Hong.

Director: Nathan Hope

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45mins

If this episode had a theme, it would be bad decisions. The worst of those came from Riggs, unsurprisingly. It was only inevitable that it was the one-year anniversary of Miranda’s death so to celebrate, he got blackout drunk. Unfortunately for him, that meant sleeping with a woman who wasn’t Miranda. He realized this as soon as he woke up the next morning and absolutely stormed out of there.

Not being over Miranda’s death, he felt like he cheated on her which left him reeling for most of the episode. This also led to an awkward dinner at the Murtaugh’s with Riggs bringing several bottles of alcohol with him. He was drunk so the Murtaughs urged him to stay the night. There he admitted what he did to Murtaugh but he did not want to talk about it further.

What didn’t help was Ronnie checking up on him at the police station. Everyone else still didn’t know their relation so they didn’t know what was going on. I’m surprised this has lasted as long as it has but someone will eventually figure it out. He asked about Riggs to Avery and Murtaugh but they didn’t know what to say but he knew there was more going on. Of course Riggs was avoiding him but that didn’t last as he helped to set Riggs straight, not wanting Miranda to be the reason why he was a drunk. Riggs then started to see the error of his ways but also came to the realization that he couldn’t see him and Miranda’s family again.

The second part was Murtaugh stumbling onto RJ and his girlfriend Feather. RJ thought he was in love and Feather was putting ideas in his head about not going to college and travelling the world which worried Murtaugh and Trish. Trish cautioned Murtaugh to be careful and Riggs was not helping with the situation but Feather eventually broke up with RJ thus easing the situation for everybody.

Now to the case of the week, it did not have anything to do with the other characters like last week but still started off excitingly enough. Someone was exacting their revenge on people based on the sins they committed. A stock trader was killed from a heroin overdose because he let his wife die of a heroin overdose and a nurse at old person home was buried alive because she smothered residents for their life insurance money. The nurse managed to be saved by Riggs and Murtaugh which helped them make the connection that both victims attended the same church. The priest saw was happening with Riggs and offered confession but he refused.

They suspected the priest at first but then learned that a younger volunteer was secretly recording the confessions and used the information to choose his victims. His father abused his mother and he wanted to exact revenge on other sinners. He kidnapped the priest as he chose to forgive his abusive father instead of saving his mother. Murtaugh and Riggs arrived just in time to save the priest but the suspect ended up jumping off the roof to his death.

As Riggs tried to save him, the railing broke, forcing him to hold onto a dangling pipe which about to break off. Murtaugh tried to save him despite Riggs urging him otherwise. Riggs pulled both of them over but they landed in uncompromising positions on tree branches.

Overall, this was a good episode with a so-so case of the week but it did help to set Riggs back on the right track in getting over Miranda, at least for now. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Score: 8/10

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