Day: January 27, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – A Fitting End

Films based on video games have mostly been hit or miss with one of the best being the Resident Evil series. I didn’t realize that the series has been around for 15 years and 5 films so it’s only fitting that the series end now with its sixth entry, entitled The Final Chapter.

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Gold – Shiny But Not Much Else

If anything will be a draw to this film, it would be to see Matthew McConaughey as an overweight, balding, gold prospector. If not, the fact that it was based on a true story may garner some attention as well. If you would like to read more about the story in which it was based, click here.

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 1: Survival of the Fittest Review

This may seem like an odd choice of TV show to cover and I thought so too when I started watching it. I got on the bandwagon late before season 5. I started watching on Netflix because I was bored and I got hooked. Knowing that season 5 was coming soon, I binged through the first 4 seasons to get ready. It’s funny how a fictional show is beginning to mirror real life. I can’t wait to see what happened after the election and all the other shenanigans they will inevitably get themselves into.

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