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February 8, 2017

Season 2 of The Expanse started last week and the fans had double pleasure since the first to episodes were aired right after each other. The story picks up where season 1 ended, Miller and Holden are recovering from radiation poisoning after the events of the first-season finale. We finally got to see Mars and a new character, gunnery sergeant Bobbie Draper. Meanwhile on Earth after openly blaming Fred Johnson for the destruction of the Donnager, Chrisjen Avasarala almost bites the dust after an assassination attempt. Mars destroys Phoebe Station so that Earth cannot investigate it. The crew of the Rocinante decides to hide the Protomolecule Sample near an old asteroid mine so they can pick it up if needed. Amos almost kills Miller but after a while, they settle their conflict while Naomi and Holden spend some private time together.

In the second episode, the Rocinante returns to the OPA and the crew tells Fred what happened on Eros. Fred recruits 50 fighters to attack the Spin Station, he is aided by the Rocinante with Miller leading the ground team. On the station, Miller’s men found 6 people with their minds linked together. Upon unplugging them the 6 attacks the soldiers and 5 of them get killed. In another room, Miller finds Dresden, who is also responsible for the infection on Eros. He is trying to defend his actions by saying that the protomolecule has unlimited potential and that it could eventually unlock all human possibility if they can figure it out. He then offers his services to Fred’s organization who seems to agree but Miller takes matters into his own hands and the episode ends with Miller shooting Dresden in the head.

Without a doubt season two of The Expanse looks very promising after the first two episodes and now everything is set up for an insane story. Mars is finally part of the main story and they are extremely cool. Their uniforms, their weapons, and their whole attitude are simply cool. If Earth does something foolish which can very possible then they will surely have a hard time fighting against Mars when it comes to war.

One thing that must be mention is the CGI. Damn…those spaceships look stunning. I have never expected to see such high-quality computer effects in a TV show but it looks like that The Expanse either has an enormous budget or some very talented artists. I go for the second one. In my book the good CGI makes you believe that it is real and so far, I have not noticed anything that I could point at and say “Yep, that a 100% fake right there!”

Miller is in total rage mode after the end of episode two but he is also lost and he thinks that he does not belong to the ship. His character is very interesting since he never knew Julie Mao yet he so was dedicated to find her. Maybe after he found Julie’s body he realized that he wants to do more for humanity than simply shutting down Belter thugs. What could really turn his world upside-down is if he was exposed to the protomolecule and that would somehow enhance his abilities. Even if it won’t be him, someone will surely come in contact with the space fungus in the future. I am saying all this so that I have not read the books and I have absolutely no idea what might happen in the future.

The best thing so far is that the story never stops. There is always something that keeps up the flow of the story and by every action, a new event is set in motion. Once again, season two started very strongly and we can expect an outstanding 11 episodes and although it might be too early to say something like this after this amount of time but The Expanse has a big chance to become this decade’s Battlestar Galactica.

Final Scores:

Safe: 8/10

Doors & Corners: 8.5/10

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  • vaiowega

    February 12, 2017 at 8:31 AM

    Good review of an awesome show! Keep’em coming 😉

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