TV ReviewsLegends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 11: Turncoat Review

Guest WriterFebruary 9, 2017

American Revolution War 1776, 25th of December.

The Legends discover a time aberration that would change the complete American history. They travel to 1776 to save George Washington even though they know that the Legion of Doom has caused the aberration. Surprisingly, they discover that the Legion has a new member who knows the crew more than anyone else. Rip Hunter now rolls with Thawne and the others and his memory is fully restored. However, it is highly possible that Malcolm has lived up to his nickname “The Magician” and turned Rip against the team. He almost kills Sara twice and gets away with a part of the Spear of Destiny. In the meantime, Mick befriends George Washington and helps him to win the war which earns him a statue in Washington DC. Amaya and Nate spend some private time together but she puts their mission before her feeling.

Even though the Legion of Doom did not appear in this episode, there were plenty of moments which are worth mentioning.

Mick Rory finally got the opportunity to shine and his scenes were probably the best in the whole episode. His unexpected friendship with George Washington has refreshing for his character since he did not do much in season 2 up until this episode. Mick is a very complex character and even though he sometimes falls into the background, the writers are continuously developing his personality and this makes him an essential member of the team.

The goal of this episode was to introduce the evil Rip Hunter even though there is a chance that he will not stay evil forever. This does not change the fact that evil Rip is a very enjoyable character and the arguments he brought up for joining the Legion of Doom are also sort of understandable. It is sure that the team will try to bring him back to the team just like they did it with Mick but it is not sure that they will succeed this time. Rip looked like he is in full control over his mind and there were no signs for him being brainwashed. But the most convincing part is that he told his arguments for joining the Legion instead of a simple monolog full of clichés.

This episode almost had an excellent turn but unfortunately (or not) the audience was reminded that Legends of Tomorrow is based on comics. Killing Sara (again) would have turned the show totally upside-down and although I really like her, I was a little bit disappointed when they saved Sara for the second time in the episode. The scene where Rip cold-bloodedly breaks her neck was so intense that it would have made a huge impact in the whole show. But we are already used to Sara recovering from death.

Overall the episode was enjoyable, Mick and Rip were both outstanding and the story also kept going. Next week the Waverider takes the team to medieval times which seems to be a good time to hide another part of the Spear of Destiny since spears were very common at that time. The next episode will probably focus more on Ray just like the episode with the samurais.

Score: 7.5/10

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