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If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

Keith NoakesFebruary 14, 2017

If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

Synopsis: The recruits break into the NSA to delete their personal information; the hostages plan an escape to make the terrorists reveal themselves. (IMDB)

Writers: Jordon Nardino and Justin Brenneman

Director: Ralph Hemecker

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

The last episode ended with all the hostages, terrorists included, leaving the building but we still don’t know who all the terrorists are. This episode helped to shed some light on this issue. Alex had the idea to take the hostages through the tunnel that was secretly erased, she was thinking that getting them all in the open would force some of the terrorists to reveal themselves.

The lesson this week was misdirection and there was definitely a lot of that going on. The mission for the recruits was to infiltrate an NSA facility, holding their personal data, and erase it before they even knew they were there. Sounds simple enough but there was more going on here. Lydia was conveniently back in town following Owen’s adventures in Munich but she was also there for another reason. She needed the AIC recruits to also tap the NSA for whatever reason. Their reunion led to some awkwardness between the two before he kicked her out of their house.

Seeing different motives being played out was interesting. Alex and Ryan couldn’t tell each other what they were doing. Alex and Owen had their own investigation while Ryan was having his own, working undercover. Knowing that Lydia was back and wanted to tap the NSA, Alex and Owen planned to catch them in the act. Alex, with the help of Harry, watched Ryan as he placed a tap, followed by Alex placing a tap of her own on his tap.

Dayanna and Leon were working on deactivating exit doors but like what was discussed before, she found a way to sabotage Leon to get him caught which meant him leaving the farm. That obviously wasn’t the end of him since he somehow still plays a prominent role in the present timeline. That also meant the end of Nimah and Shelby’s operation with him but they are probably still not done in the past timeline.

This episode, we learned about Harry’s relationship with his boyfriend, Elliott, who committed suicide. In an emotional moment with Sebastian, he admitted that he fell for him but he was living with a father who opposed homosexuality. He was perhaps in denial of who he was but despite that, Harry still fell for him. Elliot’s father drove them apart and forced Elliott to marry a woman. Elliott left and went back to Harry and they lived happily for several months before he committed suicide.

The reason for he and Sebastian’s relationship was that he maybe saw parallels between Sebastian and Elliott. Harry helped Alex in exchange for information on Elliott’s father but he didn’t get what he was looking for which made him very upset.

Concerned about Ryan, Alex confronted him about what happened at the NSA. She made him think about his allegiances and asked him if he was still working for the FBI. He was just doing what he was told since he and the FBI were playing a long game. When Ryan confronted Lydia, she gave him an idea of what they were doing which appeared to be good. She denied there ever being an AIC and what he, Leon, and Dayanna did was just misdirection in order to test their loyalty. The guy they supposedly killed wasn’t dead.

Because Will knew how to find the terrorists, this made him a target. Now that they were all in the open, the terrorists made a play on him. Sebastian’s girlfriend now wife Carly (Paige Patterson) was actually a CIA agent before becoming a terrorist and had Harry at gunpoint and was about to shoot him. Sebastian took his gun out but was hesitant to shoot Carly but as she counted down to 1, they ended up shooting each other but in the melee, Will disappeared. Carly appeared to sacrifice herself just so they could get him and that they did, Dayanna more specifically, who was also revealed as a terrorist.

We also found out that Lydia was in charge of the operations outside the building. She took the drives, but she didn’t want Alex dead or she would have been dead already. She beat her up but she knew that the terrorists wouldn’t have killed her. Before Alex sent the terrorists after her, she had to hide the drives in a safe place, or so she thought. Dayanna also found them.

Alex and Owen were tracking the tap on the tap (a little confusing I know) and followed it to some warehouse full of computers, photos on the walls, and other equipment. One would think that it would have been Lydia’s base of operations, it might still be, but it looked like it was much more than that as there were photos of everyone, including Lydia. They were not in there for long as they both smelt a gas leak. Once they got out, the building exploded and eliminated any possible evidence inside.

Overall, this was a good episode which still kind of confused me. Is there an AIC or not and what’s the conspiracy? The personal drama in the past timeline is compelling but it doesn’t seem to be leading to anything anymore, as of right now. We know the identity of more terrorists but they weren’t exactly shockers. There are still 8-10 episodes left so I hope they start to reign things in as the payoff is worsening.


Score: 7.5/10

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