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The Expanse Season 2 Episode 4: Godspeed Review

So, the story continues where the last episode has ended, right after Miller shared his plans with Fred Johnson. Naomi and James join the two and Miller presents his whole plan about destroying Eros Station, but he gets little to no support from the Roci’s crew until Fred convinces them that this is the only option to keep the protomolecule from spreading. The OPA evacuates the Nauvoo and they head off to the mission with Miller leading the demolition team. While the demo team is at work the Rocinante investigates the surface of Eros for possible survivors but all they find is a ship called Marasmus that is on a humanitarian mission.

Holden does not want the ship to leave or to broadcast any information about Eros Station to avoid panic and possible spreading of the protomolecule. The Marasmus’ crew shows disobedience so Holden orders the ship to be destroyed. Unfortunately, the debris of the explosion hits Miller and Diogo while they are planting the bombs and damages one of the detonators. Miller must stay on Eros so the bombs do not set off too early and after accepting his fate he is calmly watching the Nauvoo as it is about to hit Eros. Surprisingly, the ship misses the asteroid. It turns out that Eros has “dodged” the ship and deviated from its original course and heads straight towards Earth.

Miller in the middle. Am I the only one who thinks that he is becoming the protagonist of Season two? His personality has so many layers and it is really enjoyable to watch how the character develops from episode to episode. Working with the OPA shows that he cares about the Belters and he wants to do them more than chasing common thugs on the streets. Surely, the death of Julie Mao has affected him and maybe he wants to prove to himself (and to Julie) that he is capable of saving others even though he failed to save her. And that could be the reason why he demanded Diogo to leave him with the bomb to show that he would give his life for the mission.  As I’ve said earlier there is a high chance that he will get in contact with the protomolecule which is even more possible since he enters Eros Station in the next episode (It was shown in the promo).

The Roci’s crew was also entertaining. It was really interesting to see how Holden handles the situation with the Marasmus and it couldn’t have been dealt better. It is sad that those people had to die but it was the fault of their stubbornness. Holden told them clearly what they should do and informed them about the consequences of their actions and he did everything he could to save the ship. And after it was clear that the Marasmus’ crew has no intention to cooperate the missile was launched for the greater good.

And now about the final moments of the episode. Let’s try to process that a ROCK basically changed its course without any additional help? And the fact that I have absolutely no idea how this was physically possible makes it even scarier. How can an asteroid generate the energy and execute the action to move? Well…as I’m writing this I actually have an idea. So most likely the protomolecule controls the computer system of Eros. So, I was thinking that the pressure inside the station is naturally higher than outside and if some of the airlocks are opened in the right time then the air that escapes the station maybe, just maybe also moved it a little. But it is still scary. By the way, if anyone with more knowledge in physics reads this review and you can explain this then please share it in the comments.

Overall the episode was really entertaining, the computer effects were absolutely stunning and that plot twist at the end was genius. Holden’s character shows positive development and even though the rest of the crew was in the background in this episode, they will surely have an important role in the next episode since they have to stop Eros from hitting Earth.

Score: 8.5/10

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