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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12: Camelot/3000 Review

The Legends continue their hunt for the fragments of the Spear of Destiny and their first journey takes them to Detroit in 3000 where one of the four fragments is located. Unfortunately for them, Rip has killed the guardian, who happens to be one of the members of the JSA, and took the fragment. Shortly after they locate another fragment in 507 and the team sets off to Camelot. There they find Stargirl, another member of the JSA and it turns out that their last mission was to recover the Spear of Destiny, which they have separated into 4 pieces and each of the members hid one alongside Rip Hunter. While the team feasts in the castle Rip and Damien take control over King Arthur’s mind and try to get Stargirl’s part of the spear. Their first try is unsuccessful so they assemble an army that is controlled by Rip to attack the castle. To fulfill his childhood dream, Ray joins the defense party and becomes a knight. Rip’s army is defeated and the wounded commander is taken captive on the Waverider. The episode ends with Rip greeting his old friend Gideon.

As the central character of this episode, Raymond had plenty of time to enjoy the area he dreamed about as a child.  It was good to see how he dedicated himself to what he believed in even though the Spear of Destiny might be more important. He and Nate work well together, the similarities of their personalities make their scenes really entertaining. Same case with Martin and Rick who have also delivered us some enjoyable moments though they are extremely different personalities.

Some might disagree but making Rip Hunter evil was a really good decision. His personality is turned inside out and now the character feels complete. He is the perfect example of “you either die a hero [as he almost did in the end of season 1] or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. After realizing that he cannot save his family they way he wanted he simply looked for other alternatives. However, it is very strange how he has absolutely no feelings towards the Legends, which makes me believe that joining to the Legion was not entirely his decision. So maybe there is a way to bring him back but he might have gone too far to make him good again. It is hard to decide whether he should die or join the Legends at the end of the season because both would have a big impact on the show. We will see…

…if the team does not kill himself by then. Seriously, bringing Rip on the board of his own f*cking ship? Whose idea was that? The guys seem to have forgotten that Gideon is the one who controls the whole ship and Rip is her master. It was obvious why Gideon kept calling Sara “Miss Lance” instead of captain. For her Rip is the only captain of the Waverider and the team should have thought about that. Now they are in deep [insert poo emoji here].

Overall it was an entertaining episode and even though the focus was on the Early Middle Ages the story kept moving forward and the Legends finally have a fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Ray had his screen time so it’s time for someone else to take the leading role in the next episode. Maybe Dr. Stein but there hasn’t been a Mick – Jefferson team up, yet.

Score: 7.5/10

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