TV ReviewsBig Little Lies Season 1 Episode 2: Serious Mothering Review

Guest WriterMarch 1, 2017

The first episode introduced us to the characters and battle lines are now being drawn. The tension between Madeline and Renata is growing while Celeste is trying to manage her very complicated marriage and Jane is slowly starting to fit in the community of Monterey.

Madeline is typically the person who knows everyone. But she achieved that by inserting herself into other peoples’ conflicts. I am pretty sure that she means well, but her dominant personality combined with her strong moral code of justice has made her a few enemies in the town like Renata. In the last episode, Madeline strongly protected Jane’s son from the accusation of choking Renata’s daughter simply because she thought it was right. We cannot blame her for that nor can we blame Renata for believing her own child. I think that it is safe to say that most of the parents want safety for their kids and that is exactly what she wants. Her daughter was hurt by someone and it is totally normal that she wants to prevent any similar actions. So, the root of their conflict is protecting someone they care about and the unfortunate thing is that they are both right.

Unfortunately for Madeline, mixing herself into other’s lives has made her own really difficult. Her children are neglecting her and her husband, Ed is also bothered because she can’t stop talking about her ex-husband’s life. And again, she means well, but she does not realize that being the busybody of the town has a negative effect on her own life. Even though I have never studied psychology I would advise her to go on a vacation with her family and just forget everyone else’s problems for a while.

But Madeline is not the only one with a complicated marriage, in fact, Celeste and Perry are more than complicated. Last time I said their relationship might be abusing but now I am really confused. Are they like the two in the Fifty Shades of let’s not talk about it?  Does Celeste actually love Perry or she is with him for the sake of her children? But one thing for sure, the twins are affected by the parents’ relationship even though they are not exposed to it directly. You might have noticed that Celeste mentioned that the leg of Harry the Hippo is missing. This might be a hint for that the boys were the ones who have attacked Renata’s daughter and not Ziggy.

Little Ziggy has been through a lot lately, they moved to a new city and he has been accused of hurting someone on the first day. No wonder that he does not want to go to school. Fortunately, he has Chloe who is far more intelligent than a kid of her age.

We also know a little bit more about the mystery that involves the three mothers. Someone has been murdered and I am not sure that it was only a scene that Jane imagined or that it is actually part of the case but if it is than a man has been shot at a shooting range by someone with brown or black hair. One thing for sure, someone has died and the police keep asking about the three moms.

Big Little Lies has been really good so far, the episodes do not really stop, there is always something that keeps the story in motion and Nicole Kidman has “gently” reminded us that we are watching HBO after all.

Score: 7.5/10

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