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The Expanse Season 2 Episode 6: Paradigm Shift Review

So, Earth is dealing with the aftermath of the Eros incident by collecting the nukes that were launched to destroy the station and the U.N. is looking for the ones responsible for it. However, some of the missiles are missing and it turns out that the O.P.A. has collected them for themselves after they got to guide them in the last episode and they have no intention of giving them back.

Fortunately, they also do not plan to launch any attacks. We go to the past for a few short scenes and meet Solomon Epstein, the scientist who is the one responsible for the flawless space travel because he has developed a drive that burns fuel way more efficiently than any previous models. After the events of Eros Holden wants to destroy their sample of the protomolecule and everyone from the crew agrees except for Naomi. She thinks that it is too valuable to be destroyed and tricks the team so that they believe that the sample was shot into the sun. Meanwhile, there is an attack on Ganymede station that is controlled by Martian and UN soldiers. It seems like everyone was taken out except for Martian marine Bobbie Draper who has encountered someone/something very unusual at the end of the episode.

While everyone in the U.N. is scared, Chrisjen Avasarala in the one who is trying to find the people involved in the Eros incident. She is on the right track by suspecting that Jules-Pierre Mao (father of Julie Mao) is involved but she has no idea about the involvement of undersecretary Sadavir Errinwright. Still, she is a very good character, a natural leader, and a good politician and she would do anything to protect Earth and all its citizens. Not to mention that badass monolog she just delivered in this episode, it absolutely reflects her personality.

It was good to see how humanity was able to explore the whole solar system with the help of the Epstein drive. Little details like this help you better understand the current situation and the conflict between Earth and Mars. But Epstein has also illustrated that the death of a person is not the end of their story because you can create something that can make you “immortal” even if it costs your life.

But now let’s talk about the last minutes of the episode. So where should I begin…ALIENS? Yeah, it’s not completely sure that that creature Draper has encountered was an alien but it really seems to be the case. But if they are bringing aliens into the story then it is going to change a lot of things. If humanity wants to protect itself then the Belt, Mars, and Earth will have to work together to fight the newcomers. But it would be good to know what they want from the humans and why did they attack in the first place? But I am all up for a space battle.

Overall the destruction of Eros did not solve all the problems and there is plenty of stuff that needs to be done before everyone can live their life in peace. It is good to see that Mars gets more and more involved in the story and how Holden wants to stay neutral why the other team members are moving towards a certain faction.

Score: 8.5/10

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