Day: March 18, 2017

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 6 & 7: XXXIV and XXXV Reviews

Alright, everyone! This review is gonna be comprised of two episodes of Black Sails, including episodes XXXIV and XXXV. Both were excellent episodes (in their own rights); one had plenty of action and big shock and one advance the plot and saw the division between many of the characters, which is driving the narrative forward towards the series finale.

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The Last Word – Leaves A Boring Legacy (Guest Review)

Everyone wants to live life well. When we shuffle off this mortal coil, we would like people to remember us. The legacy we leave behind hopefully pushes the ones we leave behind to do better. Unfortunately for Harriett Lawler, a former advertising executive, nobody remembers her fondly. Following a suicide attempt, she reaches out to an obituary writer named Anne to help her leave behind a lasting and positive legacy. What follows is Harriett’s journey of late in life self-discovery.

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