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Keith NoakesApril 7, 2017

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Synopsis: It’s a race against the clock when Olivia and OPA’s investigation into the conspiracy puts one of their own in grave danger. (Scandal Wiki)

Writer: Michelle Lirtzman

Director: Nicole Rubio

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

It was now time to address the cliffhanger from two episodes ago. Sometime after the incident, Jake went back to the hotel room and when he finally got in, he noticed that Fields was missing (and the room had been cleaned). Concerned about Fields, he went to Olivia to try and find her but she wasn’t with Olivia. They figure out that since Olivia, Quinn, Charlie, and himself knew where Fields was and that Huck took Meg to see her, then Meg was the mole in their circle.

As soon as they tried to alert Huck, his phone was off and that was not a good sign so Quinn knew that something was wrong. Before Jake arrived, Olivia and the team were going over what they knew about Theodore and Samantha which was admittedly not much. Olivia tasked Jake to look into them while tasking Quinn and Charlie to find Huck. They went to the hotel room and they realised that something bad had happened after spraying it with luminol. They later found Huck’s secret laptop.

Olivia visited Abby to ask for help with finding Huck. She also showed her pictures of Theodore and Samantha who she claimed to not recognize (lie). She tried to make an excuse that the FBI was busy with the Vargas investigation but when Olivia appealed to the fact that they were family, she still was on the fence. She said she’d pass the information along but it didn’t appear to be a sure thing.

In order to dispose of Huck and Fields, Meg locked their bodies in the trunk of a car and then pushed the car of a cliff and into water. As the trunk was filling up with water, Huck struggled to find a way out. Perhaps hallucinating due to blood loss, he hallucinated being in the OPA office with Olivia, Quinn, Charlie, and Eli. They served as the voices in his head trying to help him find a way out. That was easier said than done. As his friends were there to help encourage him, Meg was there to make him feel worthless.  He eventually managed to break through the glass once the car completely filled up with water.

Abby, continuing to have second thoughts, confronted Samantha about Huck where she admitted to Huck being dead. She refused to help her any further because she found Abby annoying and wanted her to continue playing her part or something was going to happen to Cyrus in prison and then hung up on her. Needing a friend, she turned to Fitz and shared everything with him (or at least that’s what we learn later).

Marcus unnecessarily showed up at OPA to offer his support. During his research into the mysterious pair, Jake found a picture of Abby, Meg, and Samantha from the last episode. Of course as soon as that happens, Abby showed up at OPA for some reason, wanting to apologize. Olivia was angry at Abby and slapped her a few times but Abby claimed to not know where Huck was.

She tried to explain that she was just trading Fields for Cyrus and it was nothing more. She had no idea that they would hurt Huck. Abby was actually doing something about Cyrus but this was Huck. Abby wanted forgiveness but Olivia was not in a forgiving mood. Since she couldn’t help find Huck, Abby was worthless but Olivia did not let her leave to get any protection. Abby willingly went into her office.

Huck’s hallucinations didn’t end after escaping the car because his old self started to harass him by telling him he’d gone soft. Huck then pulled Fields’ body out of the water but then passed out himself. Quinn and Charlie found Meg and then Quinn began to torture her for information. Instead of giving them any information, Meg got under Quinn’s skin, making her angry and slashing her throat.

They hit a low patch, they no longer had any leads and everybody appeared to have lost hope and gave up. Olivia went to her office to drink wine but Charlie came in to try and give her a pep talk while trying to convince Olivia to not give up and do her thing to fix everybody else. She was a miracle worker and miracle workers didn’t get to quit. She quickly had a change of heart and rallied the troops. For some reason, they just now thought to track Fields’ phone since she and Huck were together. Olivia and Jake found him but with them gone, Quinn realised why Abby was there and jumped her.

Huck was brought to the hospital but had lost a lot of blood. Fitz showed up at the hospital to console Olivia and wanted her to forgive Abby since he knew everything about what happened (but they didn’t talk about it for some reason). Olivia was still not in a forgiving mood but she had forgiven Fitz so she could forgive Abby. Abby needed her. Quinn chastised Huck while he was unconscious but as she was walking away, he woke up and they had an emotional moment while Charlie was looking through a window.

The episode ended with Olivia and Abby having an emotional moment where she was consoling a crying Abby.

Overall, this was another great episode, bringing everyone together on a compelling mission to find Huck and touching many subplots, helping to bring some characters together while maybe driving others apart. It was a little strange that it vaguely hinted at the conspiracy but what made up for this were the amazing performances of Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz, and Tony Goldwyn.

Score: 8.5/10

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