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Keith NoakesApril 11, 2017

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Synopsis: When one of Alex’s friends is framed for a domestic terror attack, they turn to her for help. With an upcoming vote in the House for a Muslim registry bill, the task force realizes this attack isn’t a coincidence. Meanwhile, Alex and Owen track down an assassin.  (Quantico Wiki)

Writer: Jordon Nardino

Director: Steve Robin

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

The last episode ended with Raina being set up as a terrorist by the same crew responsible for killing Leon. We saw the next step in this episode with Raina being framed as the bomber of a shopping mall. Already being a Muslim made Raina an easy target but her and Leon were both looking into the AIC and the conspiracy at the G20 even after it was all covered up. Leon was murdered so she was next.

The mall bombing came at a bad time for the team as they were all about to leave the farm and finally get some time to themselves. Their plans were cut short before they started. Ryan was going to take his reporter friend Sasha Barinov (Karolina Wydra) skiing which came as a surprise to Alex who didn’t know he could ski and did not believe that it was what they were doing and he was just working an asset (which he kind of was).

There was a point to all of this as the mall bombing was to justify reintroducing a bill in the Senate involving a Muslim ban (how topical). The mission for the team was to try and stop the bill from being passed. To help them, or at least that’s what they thought, they turned to one of Clay’s friends named Felix, who also happened to work for one of the collaborators, the Speaker of the House, Henry Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris). Clay believed that he would help them but he was just playing politics as well and betrayed them. 

Ryan told Nimah that he would look into Sasha but Nimah was looking into her as well and she found out that she was tagged by the FBI for possibly being a Russian spy. She immediately denied it but admitted that her parents were still in Russia and that she was giving them information to keep them safe. Ryan believed it at the time but he still searched her computer and copied some of her files just to be sure.

There was more going on as Raina appeared to Alex, asking for help and telling her about her run in with the team that attacked her. Alex and Owen were tasked to investigate the people responsible and try to clear her name. This was the first real mission that Owen was a part of since before his teaching days. He knew what they had to do but he hadn’t done it himself in a long time. They find her attacker and he reveals that they have been very involved in what has happened so far and he told them that he failed his last mission since Raina’s body was supposed to be in the mall but she got away.

He offered to give them information but he also mentioned that his team was on their way to take him out and they did as he was about to talk. A shootout ensued but Owen was flustered but they eventually hid in a compartment underneath the floor. Suffice it to say, they didn’t get anything. Near the end of the episode, Alex visited Owen at the bar but as they were heading back, we saw Sebastian watching them from a distance and appeared to be following them.

The bill passed the Senate but President Haas vetoed it. Their plan was not about the Muslim ban but was really just to undermine her politically by making her look weak. If they put enough pressure on her, forcing her to resign, Roarke would be the next in line to the presidency since her Vice President pick has yet to be approved. Perhaps the collaborators’ ultimate plan is to capture the presidency. Seeing the team down, Shelby calls Caleb for help.

Lastly, having Raina back meant that she got to reconnect with Nimah, whether she wanted to or not. They were not talking because Raina blamed Nimah for everything that was happening to her. Since she was named publicly as the bomber, she had nowhere to go as Nimah was keeping her at the farm which made her feel imprisoned. To try and make it up to her, Nimah offered to turn herself in as Raina in order for Raina can pose as Nimah and try to find those responsible for framing her.

Overall, this was a better episode but the political subplot wasn’t the best way to reveal the collaborators’ real intentions. It was nice to see Owen back in the field but I wonder if he will shake the rust off. The subplot between Ryan and Sasha hasn’t gone anywhere yet. The only interesting thing to come out of the episode was Nimah sacrificing herself for Raina and I am curious to see how that goes.

Score: 7.5/10

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