Day: April 21, 2017

Black Sails Season 4 Review

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And so, it has ended. Yes, the Starz original show Black Sails, which premiered back in 2014, and come to an end just after its completion of its fourth season. While it may not sound like a lot (in comparison to some other TV shows), the show (as a whole) has been a success and quite entertaining; a pirate themed show that blends both historical characters and fictional characters. While the show did come to an end with the finale episode of season 4, it was a fantastic show that was well-executed and was casted with some solid actors / actress (with some great characters to watch unfold). So, let’s take a look back of the final season of Black Sails.

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The Lost City of Z – A Safe, Engaging Adventure Film

For some reason, I cannot see Charlie Hunnam as anyone other than Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy (a great show BTW). He is starting to get away from that in the last couple of years with some decent films but hasn’t broken out just yet. This one may very well be that film.

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Free Fire – An Inventive Action-Comedy

Chances are you haven’t quite seen something quite like this. The poster said all guns, no control which pretty much summed this up. When you throw an impressive cast into a room full of guns and fill it with a 70s soundtrack, only good things can happen.

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