TV ReviewsQuantico Season 2 Episode 20: GlobalReach Review

Keith NoakesMay 1, 2017

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Synopsis: Alex works with Owen to infiltrate the Collaborators, when she realizes she is just a pawn to their game taking down the President and the task force. (IMDB)

Writer: Beth Schacter

Director: Cherien Dabis

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

This season so far has had little to no hope and this episode was no different and it is getting a little annoying to watch. There have been so many twists and turns this season that maybe it will get itself back on track but it’s hard to tell.

Now with the task force and some of the agents outed, it is unclear which direction to go. Clay was feeling hopeless so his mother, President Haas, tried to cheer him up and encouraging him to stop protecting her and fight for the country. Meanwhile, Ryan and Shelby were cooped up at the farm after being outed. They talked about their feelings. Ryan was worried about Alex and Shelby was worried about Clay.

President Haas was presented with impeachment papers so Clay called in the rest of the team to help him find dirt on Roarke to destroy his credibility. Felix had decided to help Raina get information about Nimah. He had access to Roarke’s office and promised to find what he could. They couldn’t find anything on Roarke so they shifted to Felix. Raina mentioned what he offered but everyone doubted his sincerity. Just as Raina had Felix on her mind, Ryan was thinking of Alex and vowed to go after her. Clay got called to what he thought was going to a meeting with Felix but was ambushed by Roarke.

With no other option, Clay and Shelby decided to use Raina’s relationship with Felix to try and bring him and Roarke down. Clay wanted to use Sasha’s Russian contacts to make it look like Felix was giving them classified information on Roarke’s behalf. Raina warned Felix of their plan, making him feel betrayed by Clay. Raina wanted to help her sister which prompted a debate with Shelby on the greater good.

Alex was having doubts about her and Owen’s operation but he tried to assure her with his vast experience. She then got called to a meeting of the collaborators. Her task was to brief the intelligence agencies on the transition. It was unclear what the plan was here but Alex was concerned about what she would have to do and it was definitely tough for her and Ryan’s interference didn’t help either.

Alex was conflicted as she learned she was being used as a trojan horse for a chemical attack on the FBI to take out the lead investigator into President Haas. She was unsure whether she should stop it or just let it happen. Ryan was already there at this point so he obviously wanted to stop it but Owen wanted her to let it go so her cover wouldn’t be blown. Alex kind of met Owen halfway by letting it happen but no one died. Ryan confronted Alex and Owen back at the farm. He was confused and angry with them but it seemed to be justified as Alex got a call telling her that she passed her test and now was part of the team.

Giving up again, Clay told Shelby that he had feelings for her and took full responsibility for the team’s failure. After the attack on the FBI, President Haas decided to resign as President of the United States but the fight is surely not over.

Overall, this was a good episode which was exciting with Alex on the inside with the collaborators but ultimately didn’t really go anywhere in the grand scheme of the plot. As mentioned, maybe it will get back on track by the end but the show just keeps recycling the same plot points. They’re still good but it’s getting old.

Score: 7.5/10

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