TV ReviewsDesignated Survivor Season 1 Episode 19: Misalliance Review

Keith NoakesMay 3, 2017

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Synopsis: As the White House gears up for President Kirkman’s first international summit, Kimble Hookstraten faces her toughest political battle yet when her speakership is challenged. Meanwhile, Alex wrestles with whether or not to bring the kids back to Washington. (IMDB)

Writers: Dana Ledoux Miller and Jenna Richman

Director: Noberto Barba

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45mins

With two episodes left after this one, there is still a lot of ground left to cover which left this episode feeling a little crowded. It all managed to fit together but some subplots would have been benefitted by more focus.

Wells was kidnapped by Lozano at the end of the last episode and this episode started off with her being shipped away in a shipping container. The so-called “man on the inside” just left a meeting in the White House when he, and later Patrick Lloyd (Terry Serpico), got a message from Lozano that the package was on route (Wells) . While they were trying to find her, Mike and Forstell found out that any references to Browning Reed (because they were obviously responsible) had been systematically deleted, leading them to believe that the White House traitor may be responsible and that may be all they need.

While that was happening, Atwood was doing his own investigation of Lloyd. He followed him around, listening in on one of his alt-right speeches and catching him plotting with that same man on the inside. Atwood thought he heard something near him but when he went to investigate, a deer distracted him before Lozano shot him multiple times (he’s probably dead). He appeared to send his findings out somewhere but the results from this are unknown.

Tom was also getting ready to go to a NATO summit in Toronto involving the de-escalation of nuclear weapons. This was a big deal for Seth as he has never been on Air Force One and he was very excited. As they were about to leave, Moss took a picture of him and Tom waving from the top of the Air Force One steps.

President Richmond’s son Tyler (Colin Woodell) also came to the White House along with a student orchestra from a high school in New Orleans named after President Richmond. Tyler was there because the funding for public school arts programs was set to expire within the month and wanted Tom’s help to renew it. Tom believed in the arts and was willing to help but that was easier said than done. With Tyler there, this had Alex thinking about her kids and whether they should have the same life that Tyler had, without a father. This had her thinking about if she should bring them back to the White House.

Hookstraten had her first ethics hearing where she denied any wrongdoing but it was clear that they were out to get her. We also learned that the only person holding Tom back from restoring the arts funding was the same congressman (Vincent Rodriguez III) who was leading the charge against her. He thought she was representing the old ways of Washington and he wanted to get away from that.

Not seeing any other option. Hookstraten offered the congressman to resign her seat and position of Speaker of the House but first, he would have to renew the funding for the arts program. When she returned to Tom, he didn’t accept her resignation and had different plans for her and that was to nominate her for Secretary of Education.

Over time, Wells had managed to get herself out of her restraints so when she got an opportunity to escape the shipping container she was in, we learned that the shipping container was on a freighter heading somewhere.

Overall, this was a good, albeit crowded, episode. Atwood may have unceremoniously been killed off but it helped set the stage to finally get some resolution on the conspiracy. It seemed like Hookstraten was going to get written off but the writers found a new direction for her. Wells’ dilemma was exciting but needed a little more attention. Alex thinking about the kids was touching and Seth’s excitement was infectious. I can’t wait to see how it will all play out.

Score: 8/10

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