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Keith NoakesMay 8, 2017

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Synopsis: With a new light shed on the Collaborators’ final plan, the Task Force with help from old friends, put the pieces together before the Collab enacts a terrorist attack. (IMDB)

Writer: Cameron Litvack

Director: Patrick Norris

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

In the few weeks since assuming the role of President, Roarke has begun to make his mark by signing countless executive orders (sound familiar?), including the Muslim registry attempted to pass earlier. He was ready to write all the wrongs from the previous administration even though he was responsible for a lot of them. His big plan was to call a constitutional convention.

At odds with the rest of the team, Ryan wanted to leave but the FBI was searching the farm and Shelby wanted to get in touch with Clay but he stop responding to her texts. The real problem was when Owen noticed that the entire cache was gone but because the team was in such disarray, they were unwilling to help. That’s why Miranda, Will, and Keyes were called in to help. It was definitely different to see Owen and Miranda together but it worked. With the cache gone, it seemed fairly likely that there would be some sort of an attack.

They started to go through Roarke’s executive orders to see if they had anything to do with what may happen but Will noticed something different altogether. The rest of the team didn’t really give him a chance to talk but he eventually found something related to the mysterious plane crash from a long time ago. It was so that an avionic company related to the collaborators can have their system installed on all passenger planes in the hopes of hijacking them remotely. They also found a connection between a popular app from the company of another collaborator that was recently updated which could contain code that can possibly hijack this new avionic system. They figured that their master plan was to take over phones using this app and make them into unaware terrorists.

Shelby was eventually able to get a hold of Clay and he was a wreck to say the least. Shelby asked him for advice and he said that the most likely person they would try to frame is a Muslim to change people’s opinions on the registry which is obvious.

To get information on the targeted planes, Alex visited Winter. She revealed their plan to Alex, to frame Muslims but she wouldn’t reveal which planes were being targeted. To get the information from her laptop, Alex knocked Winter down but then she got back up and they fought with Alex ultimately getting the upper hand.

Miranda, Owen, and Will went to the FAA to monitor the targeted planes. Will found that the pilots were speaking to people in some other location who were commandeering their channel so Owen and Miranda set out to find the other location. They found it and Owen and Miranda cleared it and were fun to watch doing so. They got control of the planes but now they needed them to land and for that, Shelby visited Clay who was drunk and heartbroken after Maxine left him. Shelby convinced him to get her the code to ground the planes and they eventually did, all six of them.

The team may have won this battle but they are far from winning the war. On their way back, Clay made a pass at Shelby but they were interrupted by the FBI knocking at their door. Owen and Miranda bonded over the problems in their past. Alex and Ryan talked about the future. The FBI found the rest of the team in the bunker but instead of arresting them, they were taken to see Roarke.

The plan was to use the terrorist attack as an excuse to dismantle the FBI and the CIA whether they succeeded or failed. Now the team is the face of that success and Roarke spinned it into his success.

The episode ended with news that almost all the states were willing to participate in the constitutional convention, giving Roarke the opportunity to rewrite the law and reshape the nation. Their only play is to wait until the time is right, until the convention 100 days from now.

Overall, this was an excellent episode, offering plenty of suspense, excitement, and action as the team fought to stop the terrorist attack. It brought back some old characters, introducing the great pairing of two old school agents in Owen and Miranda. They were fun to watch thanks to the chemistry between Aunjanue Ellis and Blair Underwood. We now know the endgame (it is the next to last episode of the season after all) and I can’t wait to see next week’s, possibly series, finale.

Score: 9/10

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