TV ReviewsDesignated Survivor Season 1 Episode 20: Bombshell Review

Keith NoakesMay 10, 2017

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Synopsis: President Kirkman’s first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy’s next target. (IMDB)

Writer: Sang Kyu Kim 

Director: Sharat Raju

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45mins

The last episode ended with Tom heading out to his first international trip with a NATO summit in Toronto where the plan was to discuss nuclear de-escalation. This was Moss’ dream but now is their dream. This just ended up as another situation where Tom had to prove himself once again but this time to world leaders including his most vocal critic, the French President.

There was a lack of trust brewing after Leonard published a report claiming that Al-Sakar was not responsible for the Capitol bombing which was technically true but Tom wanted to keep it a secret from everyone at the summit as it and the investigation into the conspiracy were a matter of national security. Moss was upset that Tom didn’t tell him but Seth believed he was doing it for the right reasons, however, he had a tough time keeping the journalists at bay during his most recent press conference. Leonard also reluctantly went to the FBI for an interview and Alex now understood why everything was happening. Tom still managed to save the day by rallying the French President to his cause.

Also in the last episode, Wells was seemingly trapped on a freighter somewhere on the ocean. She got out of the shipping container she was held captive in so she tried to get a message to a Coast Guard station but it was mostly inaudible. She then got re-captured and put back into a shipping container. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard eventually deciphered the message and alerted Forstell. They found the boat but by the time they got there, Wells was seemingly gone. There were weapons caches on the freighter but it was unclear what their ultimate plan was.

Mike brought in Chuck to try and find the White House traitor. He flagged the remaining Browning Read files in the hopes of tracking whoever deleted them but once the files were deleted and Chuck locked into his signal, the traitor managed to clone his device and threw off Mike and Chuck, allowing him to escape.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Wells coming out of a van parked in the lot of the FBI building with a bomb inside and was then held at gunpoint by the police who happened to know she (or someone) would be there.

Overall, this was a good filler episode that didn’t offer much in terms of story by recycling past storylines and besides the Wells cliffhanger, poorly set the stage for next week’s season finale. I am still excited to see how it all will turn out.

Score: 7/10

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