TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 22: World’s End Review

Keith NoakesMay 16, 2017

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Synopsis: With the surprising emergence of Ghost Rider, Coulson and the team attempt to stop Aida from ending the world.  (IMDB)

Writer: Jeffrey Bell

Director: Billy Gierhart

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

So Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider is back and he had quite the presence here. Fitz and Simmons still had to work out their issues. Fitz still felt guilty about being responsible for just about everything that had happened this season. Mack and Yo-Yo were still in the framework but unfortunately, the framework was falling apart around them.

Aida is full of rage towards Fitz and Shield and now she has a set of other LMDs on her side. Ghost Rider interrupted them and managed to do some damage to her but she just teleported away. She didn’t understand what was going on but that was because he was from the same dimension that helped create her so that was why he was back to take her to where she came from.

The world was after Shield for what had happened. They were on the verge of finding out that Mace wasn’t an inhuman. There was going to be an inquiry and Talbot wanted Coulson there but he was obviously busy. The other LMDs Aida created were to impersonate the Russian delegation during the inquiry. They tried to convince the others of the Darkhold but one of the LMD Daisies (from a long time ago) came in and shot up the room. By the time Coulson and the team got there, the others were all convinced that they were responsible for this. This led to another team up between Daisy and Robbie that was fun to watch but ended way too soon.

Just like the incident in the framework that rallied everyone against inhumans, Aida’s plan was to replicate it in the real world using this incident, however, they were not willing to give up. Coulson had a plan to use the Darkhold as bait.

Fortunately for Yo-Yo, Radcliffe was still around to help. Radcliffe brought her to Mack and he was aware of her because Daisy mentioned her but he didn’t remember her. Once she saw this world, she understood why he didn’t want to leave. Fitz and Daisy worked together to build a backdoor into the framework but Aida managed to show up to interrupt things.

There was then a tense standoff between Fitz, Simmons, and Aida where it looked like she killed Simmons but she was just a decoy. The plan was to have Coulson, who assumed the Ghost Rider spirit, to destroy Aida and he did. We learned that Coulson made a deal with the Ghost Rider but he wasn’t willing to tell the others just yet. Reyes took the Darhold, made his own portal with his chain, then left.

Hope overheard Yo-Yo talk about how she wasn’t real, making her worried. Mack still didn’t want to leave because the only person he cared about was in the framework. It was the same for Yo-Yo so she decided to stay too. The world kept disappearing around them until Hope disappeared which got emotional, leading to Yo-Yo and Mack waking up and leaving Radcliffe alone in the framework until he disappeared with the rest of it. Mack was not angry with her because of the time he got to spend with Hope and now they can have a life together.

Fitz, feeling guilty, wanted to stay behind as the authorities were approaching but Daisy told him about how running away and taking the blame was a bad idea. They were in this together and he had nothing to apologize for. The team had their “shawarma” moment until a group of mysterious people took them into custody.

Time for a cliffhanger ending, the last scene was off Coulson on some spaceship.

Overall, this was a great episode that wrapped up the season and all of its three arcs. Aida was defeated which was a shame since we won’t get to see Mallory Jansen again. Shield is back in hiding once again.  Seeing Ghost Rider again was fun and there’s still the possibility of him to come back. Now they are going somewhere new but we’ll have to wait until next season to figure it out and I’m glad that there will be a next season.

Score: 9/10

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