Day: May 20, 2017

Doctor Who (2005) Season 10 Episode 6: Extremis Review

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Alien: Covenant – A Divisive Sci-Fi Thriller (Guest Review)

The Alien franchise is one of the most divisive in history. Yes, the first two films are nearly universally beloved. And Alien: Resurrection is widely hated. But Alien 3 and Prometheus stand as hotly debated pieces in the franchise. Prometheus represented Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise in nearly forty years. Rather than make a down the line horror film, Scott opted for a metaphysical narrative focused on re-imagining the creation myth and questioning our perception of higher powers. The end result sparked heated debates, with some attesting that it’s an ambitious picture with lofty ideals, while others came away disappointed at the minimal connection to the larger Alien universe. However, Scott made it very clear he was not done with the Alien story. Enter Alien: Covenant, a film determined to appease fans wanting the horrors of the xenomorph and those craving more of Prometheus’ philosophical themes. But does the blending of these films cohese into a satisfying narrative?

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How to Be a Latin Lover – Another Passable Comedy (Guest Review)

Who doesn’t love to laugh? The laughable (and bankable) takes on comedic levity transcend on many different platforms from cartoon strips, to stand-up comedy, to television sitcoms, to quirky novels, and everything else in-between. As many would summarize, Hollywood (or rather motion pictures in general) are no strangers towards producing comedy feature films and with a variety of styles to choose from, including dark comedies, quirk comedies, R-rated raunchy comedies, and so on. Now, as 2017 movies continue to roll out, Pantelion Films (as well as Lionsgate) and director Ken Marino present their newest comedy endeavor with the film How to be a Latin Lover. Does this comedy find its “comedic” groove (and “Latin sex appeal”) or is it a generic and humorless feature?

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