TV ReviewsGotham Season 3 Episode 19 Heroes Rise: All Will Be Judged Review

Keith NoakesMay 22, 2017

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Synopsis: Temple Shaman takes Bruce to the next phase of his training; Gordon and Bullock discover a crystal owl that carries the biggest secrets of Gotham’s underworld; Nygma and Penguin must work together to get out of a tricky situation.  (IMDB)

Writers: Ken Woodruff

Director: John Behring

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

Of course as Gotham starts to get better, it undoes all of it in one episode. We just can’t have nice things now can we?

In the last episode, Penguin reunited with Ed and this episode started right from there. They still had their issues, wanting to kill each other but they eventually were able to set those aside and work together so they can escape and kill each other later on. Their temporary friendship was kind of fun but it didn’t last very long.

Another subplot connected with the main plot when Selina came to Wayne Manor to try and kill CB but he eventually got the upper hand on her and Alfred who came in later. Selina told him that he wasn’t the real Bruce but Alfred probably already had his own suspicions and then CB escaped. He got stabbed during their fight so who knows how long he’ll last?

Despite the good run of the last few episodes, Lee has been an insufferable characters and that was definitely still the case here, probably more so in this episode. Mario came to her in a dream which led her to investigate the virus angle on her own. She talked to Tetch so she can learn why he infected Mario but Gordon wasn’t the problem, it was her for some strange reason.

Gordon and Bullock were investigating one of Kathryn’s properties and found another crystal owl but Barnes unfortunately showed up to interrupt the proceedings. Before he got there, they learned that shining a light through the owl created a map of Gotham with possible Court secret hideouts. Gordon was once again taken by Barnes and he was put on trial but he of course got away as he always does.

As the GCPD brought in Kathryn, Alfred showed up to tell them about Bruce. Alfred told them about their skirmishes with the Court and mentioned the owl they found. Alfred came back with the other owl. While interrogating Kathryn, she denied everything and revealed that she wasn’t their leader. Alfred lashed out at Kathryn but he didn’t get any further after Barnes arrived and destroyed the GCPD once again. Barnes was not under Kathryn’s control so he decapitated her but Gordon got the upper hand on him once again and said an awesome line while doing so. Obviously Barnes got away while he was being transported back to Arkham so he’s still out there.

The Shaman brought Bruce back to Gotham but they still had work to do. Bruce still wasn’t ready to move on from his parents’ murder. The Shaman then showed him one of his memories where he punished a member of the Court for his parents’ murder. He wanted Bruce to help him destroy the Court which he supposedly was their leader. Bruce was eventually able to move on and once he did, he felt nothing and allowing the Shaman to mold him in whatever way he wanted.

After Barnes’ attack on the GCPD, Lee came back, wanting to pick up something which we learned was Lucius’ sample of the Tetch virus from Doctor Strange. The episode ended with her injecting herself with it and transforming into something.

Overall, this was a return to another mediocre episode of Gotham, recycling plotlines and not going anywhere. The pacing has been all over the place this season which made this episode even more disappointing after the good run of episodes proceeding it. With 3 episodes left this season, I hope the resolution will justify everything but my expectations aren’t very high.

Score: 7/10

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