TV ReviewsSilicon Valley Season 4 Episode 9: Hooli-Con Review

Keith NoakesJune 18, 2017

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Synopsis: The Pied Piper guys try to pull off a stealth plan at Hooli-Con. (HBO)

Writer: Chris Provenzano

Director: Mike Judge

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 29mins

The last episode ended with Richard devising a plan to use the smartphones present at Hooli-Con for their network. This episode was where they put that plan into motion. First it meant an awkward reunion between Dinesh and Mia who was barred from using a computer or the internet but still managed to find a way to look for the one who betrayed her. She didn’t know about Dinesh although she was getting very close. She also gave them some tips on how to hack the Hooli network using pineapples so they can get their code onto the Hooli app.

Jared however, was unwilling to help Jared, worried about the path he was on but Richard convinced him to still sort of go along with them. Once they got to the convention, their both happened to be near the booth of Richard’s ex-girlfriend who was helping her new boyfriend Joel’s (Flula Borg) new app called Peace Fare which Richard thought was stupid. Of course it was awkward between them and he was jealous of her new boyfriend.

While Gulfoyle and Dinesh were setting up the pineapples, they were being watched by Hoover. He thought it was a big deal since Belson would have thought so but Barker seemed to think otherwise. They also ran into Feldspar who they snubbed. To get back at Joel, Richard changed his screen saver from Peace Fare to Poop Fare. However, his plan backfired when Joel’s call to security prompted them to sweep the hall for their pineapples. While removing them, Gilfoyle ran into Feldspar again and learned the truth about the deal that Richard backed out of.

Once all the pineapples were found, they were brought to the security office where Jared took it the hardest and went on an emotional rant, fixated on Poop Fare and feeling betrayed by Richard. Hoover interrogated them but eventually let them go because of all the nice things Richard had said about Belson in an interview. They finally got all the smartphones they needed, however, to Jared, it didn’t quite make up for what Richard did. During Barker’s keynote speech, he invited Feldspar to the stage to show off his VR demo but their doctored app caused all the phones to explode.

It has been highly publicized that TJ Miller would be leaving the show at the end of the season so this episode perhaps set the table for his departure. Erlich had intercepted a postcard thinking that it was addressed to him but really it was for Richard from Belson inviting him to Tibet. He was having a epiphany and believed that going there would be the next step for him. He needed help because he was broke but thankfully Jian-Yang was more than willing to help get rid of him.

The episode ended with Erlich arriving at a temple in Tibet where Belson was definitely not happy to see him.

Overall, this was another great, fun to watch, episode with funny hijinks with Poop Fare, Feldspar’s snub, the exploding phones, and Erlich’s exit. It was clear that the guys would get out of that as the dissention between Hoover and Barker was growing. The episode ended on sort of a cliffhanger so I am curious to see what will happen in next week’s season finale.

Score: 9/10

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