Polaroid – Death by Camera

In an age where what was old is now new, certain things that we believed to be long gone are now arguably cool again. The things in question here are polaroid cameras.They are slightly ahead of my time since I was a kid during the height of their popularity but they are making a comeback, at least in movie form. A longstanding argument from is people is that Hollywood is running out of ideas so their answer to this apparently is to make a horror movie revolved around a polaroid camera that appears to be possessed by some evil spirit (side note: Did the Dimension Films logo remind you of Spy Kids?). Of course bad things happen to the people who get their pictures taken. Destroying the spirit will be easier said than done for the good-looking young people at the center of the story. Will they prevail? Looks like one of those straight to video, looks so bad that it’s good movies but either way, Polaroid releases August 25th, 2017.


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