Day: September 14, 2017

TIFF 2017: Stronger Review

This will be one of many reviews during this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. If you would like to keep up with our content, click here. If you would like to attend an advance screening of Stronger in select cities across Canada, enter our contest here.

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Home Again – A Bland Romantic Comedy (Guest Review)

Audiences love when a movie has “something for everyone.” A film like Raiders of the Lost Ark is considered perfect because it’s a light-hearted action adventure movie with a romantic subplot. However, movies strictly about romance are considered “less than” for some reason. Romantic movies are written off as sappy, cheesy, saccharine, etc. But, that doesn’t make much sense. Most people experience romance at some point in their life. Loving someone is a nearly universal experience. So, why do these movies get written off so easily? The answer lies in films like Home Again. Continue reading “Home Again – A Bland Romantic Comedy (Guest Review)”

American Assassin – A Decent Yet Derivative Action Film (Early Review)

At least this will give Dylan O’Brien something to do once The Maze Runner franchise ends.

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