TV ReviewsGotham Season 4 Episode 2 A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper Review

Keith NoakesSeptember 28, 2017

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Synopsis: Gordon is forced to face his inner demons when he tries to bring in Jonathan Crane to prove that the GCPD is still powerful.  (IMDB)

Writer: Danny Cannon

Director: Louis Shaw Milito

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

One step forward, two steps back is usually how this show has gone and this was still the case here. The season started with promise but this episode decided to, for whatever reason, go back and continue with the little things that made it frustrating to watch. It wasn’t all bad, however, as there were still a few bright spots.

The last episode ended with Jonathan Crane becoming Scarecrow and now it was up to the GCPD to find him. Crane took refuge in the asylum where he spent most of his teenage life and recruited the fellow inmates into his own army. After being humiliated last week, Penguin called out the GCPD and all of its past failures (and there were many) in front of the press. He issued them a challenge to capture Crane within 24 hours or admit failure. Penguin’s criticism of the GCPD must have struck a nerve since they, including Bullock, refused to join Gordon in his pursuit of Crane.

Gordon’s trek through the asylum was exciting to watch although arguably convenient. While there, he had to take on an army of gassed inmates who proved to be not that much of a challenge. Crane then gassed Gordon whose fear was seeing Lee die hating him but Gordon did not fall for it and defeated the gas. He then took on more inmates and figure out that he had to spray them with water for them to overcome the gas with Crane ultimately getting away.

Also in the last episode, Bruce got arrested when he was in over his head. Of course they let him go but some couldn’t help but to wonder how he got there in the first place. Alfred didn’t think he was ready but Bruce didn’t seem all that concerned. He later went back to face the same gang and was bested again. Luckily, Alfred was there to save him. Once cornered party was Lucius who seemed to know that there was more going on and volunteered to make Bruce a suit to help him (unfortunately the suit makes him look like a gimp).

In wouldn’t be Gotham without bringing characters back to life. This choice has not worked at all but now it was Barbara’s turn. As we all know, she was very dead in the season finale and now she’s back with a new hairstyle and attitude. It isn’t immediately clear why or how she’s back (and we probably won’t know for awhile). She is a new person who regretted her past and wanted to begin again.

That’s why she called upon Selina and Tabitha to join her (and presumably the person or persons behind her miraculous return) in her new business venture which was to sell weapons to Penguin’s licenced criminals. It was going to be a hard sell for Tabitha since she didn’t quite trust Barbara but she managed to turn her around, at least for now. Once Penguin caught wind of this, he visited her and reminded her of her place. She seemed to fall in line although this all appears to be some sort of plan to take on Penguin.

Taking one more shot at the GCPD after their failure with Crane, Penguin offered the officers more money to work for him. In order to take on Penguin, Gordon and Bullock believed they need an army so Gordon thought to go to Falcone. Tired of not being taken seriously, Ivy stole a bunch of potions to make her stronger.

The episode ended with Bruce testing out his new suit with Alfred nearby on the radio.

Overall, this was another okay episode that failed to maintain the momentum from the premiere by introducing a few silly subplots with Barbara and Ivy. Barbara’s could lead to something but these kinds of things have rarely ended well and Ivy just seemed unnecessary. What continues to be compelling was Gordon, although it’s perhaps a little too late to call out the GCPD, and Bruce, despite the gimp-y suit. The show just has to learn to reign in everything else.

Score: 7/10

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