TV ReviewsInhumans Season 1 Episode 3: Divide and Conquer Review

Keith NoakesOctober 7, 2017

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Synopsis: The Inhumans desperately search for each other in the wake of Maximus’ coup; they must learn who they can trust on Earth. (IMDB)

Writer: Rick Cleveland

Director: Chris Fisher

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43mins

*If you were wondering what was different in the TV premiere, read this article for some more information*

The pilot was universally panned and rightfully so (read my above review to see what I thought) but did it get better away from IMAX? The short answer is no. This episode is better than its IMAX introduction primarily because it is no longer in IMAX.

This episode started with a doctor named Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick) being shown footage of the Inhumans in Hawaii and decides to head there. He then speaks to an inmate at a Hawaii prison and asks him for assistance in exchange for help to get him out of prison. This inmate, a man named Sammy (Faleolo Alailima), befriends Black Bolt in prison. He suspected Black Bolt was an Inhuman so he informs him of what’s been happening to Inhumans on Earth and we later learned that Sammy also was an Inhuman.

The premiere did not provide much of an introduction to the characters but here we got a little background into the relationship between Black Bolt and Maximus via a series of flashbacks. Before he got his powers, Black Bolt declared that he did not want to be king. Maximus wanted to be king but that was not possible since we learned that he did never got powers after his transformation. Only Inhumans could rule Attilan.

After getting a glimpse of Inhumans, Louise wanted to find them for herself. She knew that Black Bolt was in prison so she waited outside. The guards tried to take Black Bolt outside, thinking the other prisoners would handle him but they quickly bonded with him for what he did to the police in the premiere. A riot ensues and Black Bolt and Sammy use it as a means to escape. Louise (Ellen Woglom) watched all of this happen as Declan was there to pick both of them up in his helicopter and then take off. Medusa tried to catch up with them but it was too late.

The last time we saw Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), he had issued a challenge to Maximus and his forces so now he was ready to fight whatever came his way. He wasn’t alone in this since the group of surfers he was with were also former soldiers who vowed to fight alongside him. Maximus sent a team to take them on which included Auran (Sonya Balmores) and another Inhuman named Mordis who was just a poor man’s cyclops. Goron took care of him quite handedly and he and the surfers fled.

Karnak (Ken Leung) is taken hostage by a group of drug growers who think he’s part of a drug cartel. He shared a story behind his tattoos with one of his female captors. He tells her that hitting his head may have affected his judgement so he wouldn’t be much use to his family and wants to stay with them for awhile. His captors decided to let him stay as long as he was useful to them.

Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) was the only other member of the Royal Family left in Attilan so Maximum tried to turn her to his side. He gives her a speech that he wants her to read in front of the genetic council in order to convince them that he has her support. Crystal agrees to do was he says, only to assure the Royal Family home safely. Maximus didn’t want to make her do it so he thanked her for doing it on her own.

Maximus’ big plan was to get rid of Attlian’s caste system. As Crystal was about to read a speech giving him her support, she betrays him and escapes with Lockjaw. The episode ended with Crystal and Lockjaw on Earth and someone on an ATC drives into him, injuring Lockjaw.

Overall, this was a better episode visually, not being handcuffed by IMAX but carries over the many problems that plagued the premiere such as inferior production values and terrible writing and performances. Only 5 more weeks to go.

Score: 4.5/10

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