The X-FilesTrailersThe X-Files Season 11 Official Trailer

Keith NoakesOctober 8, 2017

I’ve mentioned several times here that The X-Files is my favorite TV show of all time. It was definitely sad to see it go back in 2002 but it’s been great to watch its resurgence over the last few years with a short 10th season and now an 11th season incoming. Because the previous season was only 6 episodes, it simply tried to fit in too much which hurt the season as a whole but this new season promises to be better with 10 episodes to work with this time around. The season looks to return to the X-Files of old pick up where the last season left off with the world on the brink of destruction and only Mulder and Scully can save us. The next season of the X-Files will premiere sometime in 2018 on Fox.


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