TV ReviewsInhumans Season 1 Episode 4: Make Way For Medusa Review

Keith NoakesOctober 14, 2017

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Synopsis: The search for Black Bolt continues on Earth; Maximus makes bold moves to cement his status as the new ruler of Attilan. (IMDB)

Writer: Wendy West

Director: David Straiton

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43mins

When you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does as this episode was an exemplification of what is wrong with the series.

Near the end of the last episode, Black Bolt and Sammy escaped prison and got on Declan’s helicopter. The episode started on the helicopter with Declan wanting to perform a quick experiment on Black Bolt. He refused until they found Medusa. Meanwhile, she and Louise were still following the helicopter. Louise was uncomfortable with having a gun pointed at her but Medusa didn’t care.

Louise quickly figured out who Medusa was and what she was. She shared her suspicions about what she found and Medusa confirmed everything. Louise had come up with her own idea on how to find the helicopter back at her hotel. At Declan’s lab, he told Black Bolt what he already knew about himself. He then stepped out to take a call to share his discovery, not knowing who Black Bolt was, and the person he called was Maximus. Maximus tried to convince Declan to kill Black Bolt because he was dangerous but he was too important to him.

Medusa was impatient with Louise but she was working as quickly as she could. We also got a flashback of young Medusa and young Crystal whose parents were traitors and banished from Attilan. The police caught up with them. Louise wanted her rocketship so Medusa went back to get it since she was faster. She got away. At the lab, Black Bolt noticed something that didn’t look right. Louise found where the helicopter landed and when she went to throw something away, Medusa left with her laptop, however, she caught up to Medusa fairly quickly with her laptop locating app.

Black Bolt noticed a syringe full of poison which prompted them to escape once again. They escaped only to find Auran and her gang waiting but Black Bolt ruptured a gas line and Louise and Medusa arrived to stop them. Mordis triggered an explosion which knocked everyone out. Black Bolt reunited with Medusa and took Auran with them.

Elsewhere, Crystal was still dealing with Lockjaw and his injury. The man who ran into him at the end of the last episode, Dave (Chad James Buchanan), offered to help by calling a veterinarian he knew which happened to be his ex-girlfriend Audrey.  She and Dave went over their issues but Lockjaw’s treatment was pretty simple although not quick enough for Crystal. She was still grateful, however, but she was uncomfortable with Dave forcing her into a high five seeing that no one has ever touched her before. 

Karnak is impressed by the cannabis growers’ operation as this was much different than what he had on Attilan. Their leader didn’t trust him because he was getting too close to one of the female members. She thought he should live a little so they went swimming in the ocean but he didn’t know how to swim. Unfortunately, the leader happened to be watching them. She then took him into her tent to have sex but the leader was outside burying their other member who appeared to disagree with him earlier.

Gorgon now feels guilty about bringing the surfers into his affairs but they don’t seem to be dissuaded by anything. He was focused on finding Karnak but didn’t know where to look. He didn’t want to put the surfers in danger anymore so he left them behind.

On Attilan, Maximus spoke with a member of the genetic counsel. He was still upset over not becoming an Inhuman after his terrigenesis. He wanted to go through terrigenesis again but the counsel strongly advised against it as it could be deadly. He later rounded up the counsel again to banish them, leaving one.

Overall, this was still another terrible episode with atrocious writing and acting with horrible visual effects. Only 4 more weeks to go.

Score: 3.5/10

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