TV ReviewsVice Principals Season 2 Episode 5: A Compassionate Man Review

Keith NoakesOctober 15, 2017

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Synopsis: Russell’s birthday bash is marred by a revelation about his wife’s college boyfriend. (HBO)

Writers: Danny McBride, John Carcieri, and Jeff Fradley

Director: David Gordon Green

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 30mins

Russell is generally not a nice person and in this episode, it started to catch up to him with hilarious results.

The episode started with him and Christine having a dinner until they are interrupted by her college ex-boyfriend Kevin Yoon (Keong Sim). Both used to be close which just made his appearance uncomfortable for Russell. They all knew each other since college and Christine found odd that rumors of Kevin being gay began to spread once she told Russell that she loved him. In typical Russell fashion, he tries to change the subject by playing some Avril Lavigne.

Meanwhile, Gamby was still not over his quest to find who shot him although more importantly, he and everyone else were gearing up for Russell’s birthday party. Despite seemingly breaking up, Gamby still tried to ask Snodgrass out, however, she was still with Brian. That did not stop Gamby from trying to break them apart. Russell suggested that he should bring someone hot to make Snodgrass jealous but he just ended up paying Shandrell to go with him.

While they were preparing for Russell’s party, he still felt the need to criticize Christine while micromanaging her cooking. She confronted him about those earlier rumors but he denied spreading them. Everyone from the school was there so he still felt need to assert his superiority over her even though she made more money than he did. Gamby showed off Shandrell to the other party guests while touting his many untrue accomplishments regarding him.

Things became tense for Russell once Yoon showed up to the party after Christine had invited him. Gamby continued to attack Brian and his relationship with Snodgrass. Yoon hit it off with the other guests which made Russell even more jealous. He asked Nash to get him to leave by giving him an intimidating speech that didn’t work. Christine couldn’t take it anymore and Shandrell wandered into her room, smoking a joint and offering it to her.

Christine was supposed to make a birthday toast for Russell, however, since she was indisposed, Russell asked Gamby to make it. He was never good at speeches but he was saved when Brian suddenly fainted. During that commotion, Russell ran back to his room and noticed it destroyed along with someone taking a dump on a painting of him. He automatically blamed Shandrell although Christine admitted that it was her. She then confronted Russell in public about the rumors he allegedly spread before destroying their house and his car with a baseball bat.

On the way back, Gamby took Abbott, who had been making advances on him the whole episode as she often did, and Shandrell home. He apologized to Shandrell for not standing up for him. Abbott then admitted to roofying Brian’s drink. Gamby thanked her as it was the nicest thing anyone had did for him. They laughed about it and he offered to take her back to his place.

The episode ended with Russell cleaning up his house to some sad piano music.

Overall, this was another good episode where Russell was publically called out for his past and current behavior. Loved the Avril Lavigne mention though. Maybe this will change him but that’s probably unlikely. He got the focus in the episode with Gamby doing the same thing again here. Some will argue that it’s getting repetitive but there’s something about Danny McBride’s performance that makes up for it.

Score: 8.5/10

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