TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 4: Was She Ever Good at Her Job? Review

Keith NoakesOctober 19, 2017

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Synopsis: Feeling like she’s found her purpose again, Annalise focuses on developing her big case as Bonnie grows suspicious. Meanwhile, Connor gets a surprise visit from his dad; Laurel turns to an old friend to relieve stress. (IMDB)

Writer: Michael Russo

Director: Michael Smith

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

In the last episode, Annalise found her calling and decided to start a class action lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system. This episode started with her at work while the Keating 4 were in class, coincidentally learning about class action lawsuits. Annalise needed plaintiffs, including one to be the face of her case, and lots of money. The students, however, had their minds elsewhere.

To help her case, she approached Hargrove for help by letting her help with her divorce. Today was Michaela’s first day working for Tegan (Amirah Vann) but little did she know, she would be working with Annalise. They obviously didn’t know that they’d be working together and Michaela was not happy to say the least. Hargrove’s husband wanted 6 million dollars from her otherwise he and his lawyer would submit an affidavit with all the times she had been intoxicated along with an unflattering video. Annalise thought they should hit back.

Michaela wanted off the case and Tegan convinced her otherwise. She also hated most of the people she worked with but she was training Michaela to be above that. Annalise later asked them to help with finishing a draft for a countersuit, however, since they disagreed with the idea, they refused to help. Although Michaela and Annalise tried to come together for the good of the client, Annalise wanted none of it.

Bonnie had a proposition for Denver. A judge was considering reopening Cross’ past cases so she wanted a team to go over her cases but was given no one. Nate thought Bonnie’s new job was a punishment and thought Annalise had something to do with it despite Bonnie’s claims otherwise. Laurel was not okay with Denver running for Attorney General after what he did, however, Bonnie was an adult who needed a job. Denver saw Laurel in the office and wanted Bonnie to fire her though she couldn’t because Laurel was pregnant.

Annalise has had a lot going on between this case, her class action lawsuit, and counselling that she accidentally sent her countersuit to an administrator at the University. She also asked for transcripts of all of Cross’ cases but at $2 a page, it would cost way too much money for her. Nate stumbled onto this request while making one of his own and denied to the clerk that they were working together.

Michaela got access to Caplan & Gold’s network though not the case files. Hargrove was doing damage control after Annalise’s mistake. Tegan wondered if she was ever good at her job (hence the episode title) while Michaela tried to defend her. Hargrove thought she was drinking again, however, Annalise told her about everything she was doing to try and counteract that. It was hard for both of them to resist drinking. Annalise was determined to fix her mistake and she did. Frank showed up outside her room with a briefcase full of money to try and help. She told him to leave while taking the money. Bonnie called him for help but he was busy with Laurel.

During therapy, Isaac believed that she was using this case as a distraction from a great loss she’s suffered. He wasn’t referring to Jasmine but rather Wes. He read her statement at the disciplinary hearing to her and she started to become emotional. When he questioned her sincerity, she got defensive and he told her that he understood.

An email from Isaac gave Annalise the idea to subpoena the husband’s therapist’s notes to verify his claims of emotional distress. After combing through the notes, they figured out that he was speaking to his financial manager about illegally hiding his assets from her. When confronted with the evidence, the husband agreed to joint custody of the children and 1 million dollars. Tegan offered Annalise a job but Michaela forbade it. Annalise countered by calling out her mommy issues.

With Connor’s dads in town, Oliver pressed him about his relationship with his biological father. They didn’t talk because his mom had a nervous breakdown after his father came out. He believed his father wasn’t there to reconnect with his son but rather to reclaim the money he gave him to go to law school. His dads took Oliver out for coffee to talk about Connor. They shared with him the story about him coming out. This gave his father the courage to come out a week later, however, it damaged their relationship. His father just wanted a chance to be there for him.

This did not go off to the best start when Oliver brought Connor’s dads back to their appartment only to see him with his underwear down. While they hosted a gathering at their appartment, his father wanted to speak to him in private although he didn’t want to. Once they had time to themselves, Connor gave his father back the money but he didn’t want it. Connor didn’t hate his father anymore though they didn’t have anything in common. He also told him that he shouldn’t marry Oliver because he wasn’t great for Connor. He believed Connor was pretending to be happy and that he should find someone that appreciated his true self.

Isaac recorded his case notes about Annalise while Nate confronted her when she picked up court transcripts. He doubted her motives of doing it for all of those who were wronged but she didn’t want him to tell anybody. Isaac believed that she was talking the case out of remorse and that she might relapse once things get worse. He believed that Annalise was a trigger for him. Bonnie believed that Annalise was doing this to take Cross’ job though he knew the truth and told her to back down. Isaac had another patient which was Bonnie using another name.

Laurel found a donor to Denver’s campaign who was a deceased former employee of her father’s company. She believed that he was giving Denver money through him. Michaela called Oliver for help with Tegan’s account.

In flashforward news, Isaac hung up on Bonnie as she was investigating a murder at Caplan & Gold where Oliver was a witness.

Overall, this was another thrilling episode where the wheels began to turn for all the subplots with Annalise’s lawsuit, Laurel’s investigation, Connor’s future, and the infamous flashforward. It didn’t seem like much at first but it sure is getting more interesting with each new episode.

Score: 9/10

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