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Keith NoakesOctober 27, 2017

I was unable to review last week’s episode but if you want to read Ariva Bhuvad’s review, click here. If you are curious of what I thought of the last episode, check out my tweet below:


Synopsis: Gordon and Bullock pursue a serial killer who’s assassinating cops and dressing them in pig heads.  (IMDB)

Writer: Kim Newton

Director: Mark Tonderai

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

The last episode ended in an underground fight club where we were reintroduced to Lee. This episode started there where Ed caught up with her. He wanted her to help make him smart again. However, she vowed to never help him after what he had did to her.

While studying Grundy, Lee was kind of fascinated by him. She also tried to convince him that Ed was not his friend and was just using him. Ed wanted to pay her to help him but she didn’t want his money. Ed followed her to a clinic she operated for Gotham’s less fortunate. With this knowledge, he wanted to blackmail her, however, he couldn’t get all the words he wanted out because of his current state.

Because Lee’s medication supply was dwindling, she decided to help him. She revealed that the reason she came back was the Tetch virus. She felt responsible for how it affected the less fortunate part of Gotham.

Sofia and Penguin continued their relationship. It appeared to be working so far for her as he believed that he truly had a friend in her. Gordon showed up soon after to inquire about her plan that she had been keeping from him. He did not understand her motives so far but she promised to have control over Penguin within a few more days. Penguin and Sophia were to have lunch later but she didn’t show up for whatever reason. Penguin wanted Zsasz to follow Sofia to see what she was up to.

Zsasz followed Sofia to an old hotel where she met with several local government officials. They later learned that Sofia bought the hotel. Penguin believed that she was planning a war and the hotel was just a fortress for herself. When Penguin confronted her about it, he learned that she was using the old hotel as an orphanage.

A corrupt cop was killed by a man wearing a pig mask (Michael Cerveris) and was wearing a pig mask of his own. Once Gordon and Bullock were on the scene, Bullock revealed that the victim was a bagman who worked for Penguin. Gordon decided to visit Penguin for information. Gordon believed he was sending Penguin a message but he wasn’t aware of anyone having problems with him. He did get him a lead though through his license system.

The lead led them to a thief who stole pigs from a butchery for the man with the pig mask. Their next step was to find Penguin’s other bagmen before pigman does. Figuring out the names wasn’t going to be easy since the cops weren’t willing to expose themselves. While pursuing a lead, they found two other murdered officers wearing pig masks.

Gordon found a list of potential names for the missing bagman but Bullock knew who they were. Gordon wanted to bring in some help, however, Bullock was hesitant, thinking that whoever was responsible may be working on the inside because of all the information they knew. When they followed the lead, they found the remaining bagman still alive though still wearing a pig mask attached to a grenade he swallowed.

After the explosion, Gordon and Bullock were separated. Gordon met the pigman and he was a fan of his. Gordon wanted to know where Bullock was but the pigman wondered why he wasted time with Bullock. Pigman was not a cop who believed they had a lot in common in their feelings about the GCPD. Where they differed was on how to address it. His mission was to slaughter all the swine on Penguin’s payroll. Gordon just thought he was demented, however, he had personal reasons.

While Bullock was being attacked by the pigman, Gordon managed to free himself just in time to watch the pigman slash Bullock’s throat and then run away. Of course Bullock was saved but in exchange for saving his life, Gordon wanted the truth. Bullock happened to know so much because he was dirty himself. He was taking money from Penguin since the license system started. He was having problems and desperately needed the money. All of it had to stop.

The episode ended with the pigman, or who the media was calling Professor Pyg, foreshadowing his next move.

Overall, this was a good mostly filler episode with an interesting villain in Professor Pyg. It was a shame that it had to be at the expense of the GCPD subplot. There was no Bruce here but it did advance the story in a few areas with Sofia and Penguin and with Ed and Lee. We did get a nice moment between Gordon and Bullock at the end so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Score: 7.5/10

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