TV ReviewsInhumans Season 1 Episode 6: The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon Review

Keith NoakesOctober 28, 2017

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Synopsis: Gorgon and Karnak take on Auran and her Inhuman army with disastrous results. (IMDB)

Writer: Charles Murray

Director: Neasa Hardiman

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43mins

The Royal family is almost back together so now it’s time to set the stage for their return home.

The episode starts with Maximus losing his grip on reality. He had a dream where the Royal family teleported back into the throne room to exact their revenge on him. He then spoke to a group of Inhumans who were being sent to Earth to help Auran which included the clairvoyant boy’s father. Meanwhile, Tibor continued to plot along with the rebels to overthrow Maximus.

In private, Tibor informed Maximus of a plot to take his life. Maximus didn’t believe so since he thought the people loved him. Tibor was trying to get him to think that there was a big conspiracy against him so they couldn’t even trust the guards. He wanted to work at uncovering it together. Afterwards, we got a flashback of Gorgon training Maximus how to fight. For help with the rebels, Maximus turned to the clairvoyant boy. He saw him and Tibor having a conversation and didn’t see a reason why he should be worried about him.

Crystal and Dave’s adventures with Lockjaw were weakening him so Audrey suggested that he rest. Audrey thought Crystal should be on the Inhuman registry (which there was) but Crystal destroyed her phone before she could take a picture of her. Whatever they had wasn’t over. Crystal then moved on to her family. Dave thought she could use her powers to give them some sort of a signal. Dave offered to take her to the highest point he knew.

With almost everybody back together, it was time to plan their next move. Medusa and Black Bolt disagreed on how to handle Maximus. Despite what he did, she believed that they had to be bigger people. Louise followed Crystal’s energy burst to the location where she first teleported but before they could take care of her, Auran called about the hostages she took at the end of the last episode in Declan and Sammy. Since they were Black Bolt’s friends, they split up with Gorgon and Karnak saving the hostages and Medusa and Black Bolt going after Crystal.

To try and get into Auran’s head or maybe it was true, he warned her about her condition in that she may not heal herself again and avoid death like she had done several occasions prior. While Medusa was explaining to Louise about how the Inhumans were on Earth prior to fleeing to Mars because of bad people, there was thunder up in the distance but they thought none of it. Since it struck in the same place twice, it had to be Crystal.

While they were waiting, Dave and Crystal made out and of course they were interrupted by Medusa and Black Bolt. Once they all got back to Lockjaw, the police came because of Audrey but Dave stalled them long enough for them to get away.

When it came to infiltrating Declan’s lab, Gorgon’s master plan was to use the fact that they didn’t know about Karnak’s condition to their advantage. It seemed to work as this led Auran to think twice about how she’d handle Karnak. Karnak snuck in and then tried to distract Mordis, who was watching Sammy, by playing mind games until he approached him from behind and subdued him. Gorgon took on Auran in a fight that was even until Gorgon got the upper hand, or hoof. She then surrendered to him for some reason. Karnak filled in some gaps with Declan by telling him who Maximus was. Before they left, Declan needed his research.

When dealing with Mordis, he woke up and threatened to use his powers which would kill everyone so Gorgon sacrificed himself to stop him so the others could get away. Black Bolt and Medusa arrived to survey the wreckage and found Karnak who told them about what happened.

The episode ended with Maximus ready for an attempt on his life and killing Tibor. He then pressures the clairvoyant boy to profess his loyalty to him.

Overall, this was another bad episode with atrocious writing and acting along with horrible visual effects. After a moving episode, this one just mostly meanders but at least we are near the finish line with 2 more weeks to go.

Score: 4/10

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