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Keith NoakesNovember 2, 2017

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Synopsis: When a U.S. Navy ship containing secret surveillance becomes stranded in enemy waters, President Kirkman must negotiate the crew and ship’s release. If captured, the technology on board would create a massive threat to national security. Meanwhile. Chief of Staff Emily Rhodes reconnects with someone from her childhood.  (IMDB)

Writer: Jessica Grasl

Director: Leslie Libman

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45mins

The problem with this season so far is that it’s failed to find the right balance between all the different storylines. Right now there’s Thorne’s murder and Eva’s legal trouble to go with whatever the problem of the week (for lack of a better word) is and whatever other subplots may be going on too. At least last season had a direction in which it was going but this season has not been as clear and by the end of the episode, it becomes even less clear.

The problem of the week is a stranded ship off the coast of the fictional middle eastern country of Kunami after colliding with a sanitation barge. In order to save the ship and those aboard, they would need help from the hostile country which could prove problematic. The superior officer on the ship was a young lieutenant who Tom named Captain. Moss was also around to help.

The Kunami ambassador was not willing to cooperate as he was not fond of a ship in his country’s waters. Kunami responded by surrounding the ship with a blockade. Now they just needed to find a concession that both sides could agree to. Kunami, however, wanted the ship. The U.S. obviously did not want to give them the ship, especially since it was spying on Kunami. They were then willing to exchange the ship for lifting sanctions on their weapons program. They approached the Senate but they were reluctant to give up anything in exchange for the sailors.

After watching a computer simulation of the collision, it was clear that the barge deliberately turned into the ship to knock it off course. The ambassador denied the accusation. Tom decided to give them the ship since the sailors’ lives were more important. He also wanted to engage the blockade so they can attempt to save the sailors.

All the sailors were saved except for the new Captain. He did not want to abandon the ship so he can ensure that the ship detonated so Kunami couldn’t get hold of their technology.

Emily wasn’t being herself. She was caught off guard when her estranged father contacted her for a meeting. He had walked out on her and her mother over 20 years ago but she wasn’t willing to close the door on their relationship. She later brought him to the White House where he was wandering around and making friends with everyone. He appeared to be proud of her accomplishments, however, it was just a ruse to try and get Tom’s endorsement of his new invention. Seth went to console her later in the evening and they briefly kissed.

In order to properly defend Eva, Danes requested access to her which Tom was reluctant to allow but she convinced him otherwise. Eva just wanted it to be over. Danes asked her to sign a declaration claiming to not have had contact with Little for the last 30 years, however, she admitted to having contact with him 6 months prior. This admission makes Alex’s involvement in defending her look suspicious. Danes just missed Tom before she could deliver some bad news which was probably Eva’s admission.

Near the end of the last episode, Wells and Rennett discovered that Cray’s wife may have been the real mastermind behind Thorne’s death but they couldn’t get to her as she was stuffed away in a hotel room. Their plan was to freeze her assets until she had no choice but to come out. She later did and she denied involvement and they were interrupted by a ransom video involving Thorne’s aid. Her captors threatened to kill her if the U.S. did not extradite Cray to Malaysia. Cray denied the kidnapping as well.

In another video with Thorne’s aid confirming life, she managed to hide clues to her whereabouts in her speech which Wells and Rennett deciphered to find her location in time to save her. After confronted with evidence of the kidnapping, Ms. Cray admitted involvement but denied murdering Thorne. She needed Thorne to run her arms business.

The episode ended with them finding evidence that Moss may have been involved in Thorne’s death.

Overall, this was a good episode that found a better balance between its storylines, choosing to focus on the diplomatic conflict involving the stranded ship. His many conversations with the de facto Captain were great as was his sacrifice despite it being predictable. We got a few other tidbits with Emily’s relationship with her father, Danes’ work with Eva, and the Thorne investigation. The kiss between Emily and Seth felt forced, hopefully Eva’s case gets solved quickly, and the Moss twist was unexpected and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Score: 8/10

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