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Ariba BhuvadNovember 7, 2017

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Synopsis: Trick-or-treating with the 10 year olds goes awry for Jack and Rebecca; and Randall, Kevin and Kate have life-changing Halloweens. (TVGuide)

Writer: Don Roos

Director: Regina King

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45 minutes

This episode takes us back to the young Pearsons’ celebrating Halloween. Jack and Rebecca channel their inner Sonny and Cher, while young Randall dresses up as Micheal Jackson, young Kate as Sandy from Grease, and young Kevin as a cigar-smoking bum. Arguments ensue as Randall wants to follow his intricately drawn out map that targets all the houses with the best candy. Kate and Kevin beg to differ and want to hit the haunted house first. With a family feud on their hands, Rebecca and Jack split up to give everyone what they want.

In these childhood moments, you start to see an anxious Randall developing that starts to panic when things don’t go his way. We saw this anxiety come to fruition in the first season, when it manifested in the form of a panic attack. This episode takes us back to yet another moment of Randall’s life when his anxiety was sky-high, the birth of his first child.

Aptly named, this episode takes us back to when the Pearson Big Three were in their 20’s. Randall expecting his first child. Kate working as a waitress and sleeping with a married man. Kevin trying to make it as an actor. This was vital to the development of this season as each episode continues to dive into each of the character’s backstory.

Randall’s character progression continues to be an inspirational journey as we see his struggle with facing anxiety head-on. He finds solace and wisdom from a store employee who assures him that the birth of his first child will provide him with the answers he needs. He rushes him home when he gets a phone call from Rebecca saying Beth is going in to labor.

Meanwhile, Kevin faces the harsh realities of making it in Hollywood as he encounters rejection at every corner. However, young Kevin makes Kate’s Halloween by giving away all his candy to the boy she has a crush on. This was in exchange for the boy holding Kate’s hand as they walked through the haunted house. This brings to light the strong bond the twins have shared their whole lives. Kevin was always willing to do what was necessary to bring a smile to Kate’s face.

Rebecca and young Randall share a pivotal moment this episode as Randall learns about the truth of his past from a neighbor. Rebecca shares with him the third child died in childbirth and that led them to finding him, the perfect piece to their Pearson puzzle.

Seeing the birth of Randall and Beth’s first child was perhaps the most uplifting part of the entire episode. Seeing an anxious Randall turn his mood around to be there for Beth was a beautiful and moving moment. This moment translated into brightening a gloomy time in both Kevin and Kate’s lives who were struggling to find happiness and success this episode. Rebecca found that it was the happiest day of her life, bringing Randall’s child into the world. She has not been able to shake off Jack’s death after all this time, and feels she may never be able to.

Knowing how the current-day Pearsons are, it was humbling to see them in their 20’s. We know they have had their fair share of struggles but their family bond has always seen them through. Kate makes the move to LA to live with Kevin as they both begin to tackle their lives together. Randall and Beth have found their ultimate happiness with their new baby. And Rebecca is on her way to a happy ending as well.

The episode came to a full circle with a montage showing Rebecca talking to baby Randall and then baby Tess. She shares her love, wisdom, and advice with them telling them that the “middle” gets rough but love always conquers. A message that completes the episode with Rebecca receiving a message from Miguel reaching out about Randall’s new baby, the origins of a love story we hope we can finally learn about!

Score: 8/10

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