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Ariba BhuvadNovember 7, 2017

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Synopsis:  Randall adjusts to the foster system. Kate and Toby take the next step in their relationship. Kevin visits Sophie in New York. Jack and Rebecca finalize Randall’s adoption. (TVGuide)

Writer: Kay Oyegun

Director: Chris Koch

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45 minutes

This week’s episode continued the journey of feels that is This Is Us. Jack and Rebecca had to face the reality of officially adopting Randall as a baby, as the agency had a social worker frequently drop in to check in on them. Seeing the beginnings of the Pearson family was adorable, beautiful, and inspiring as it as a family we have grown to love.

The beginning of this episode also took us back to William’s encounter with the law and his initial struggles after having lost everything (his mother, his girlfriend, and his child). Feeling like the most disappointed man in the world, it seems he has given up in life. However, he catches the attention of a judge who wants to take a chance on him and help him out and change the ending to his story.

Randall had a bit of an obstacle to face this episode as he took Deja to visit her mother in jail, something he was not comfortable or happy about. Watching Randall deal with Deja has been very heartwarming as he continues to make an effort to make her feel welcome and loved. This becomes a challenge when her mother refuses to see her, despite them coming to see her in jail, a point that extremely angers Randall especially after he learns that Deja has been saving her allowance to give to her mother. Surprisingly, Beth is more angered than Randall over this situation and refuses to allow Deja to go through this ordeal again.

Sophie and Kevin are facing relationship problems as Kevin struggles with a growing addiction that seems to be taking over his life. However, amidst the troubles Kevin is facing, he finds momentary happiness when Toby and Kate reveal that she is pregnant. As a viewer, it is extremely difficult to see Kevin going through this phase as he struggles to find stable ground. This is a testament to how amazing This Is Us truly is, causing viewers to become extremely invested in each character and their life.

Given the green light from the social worker, Rebecca and Jack meet with the judge at a hearing regarding Randall’s adoption. This process becomes delayed when the social worker does not appear at the hearing, causing them to feel disheartened over the delay. They decide to face the judge to question his concerns over the adoption. They learn that the judge believes Randall belongs with a black family, and not them. He is concerned that Randall would not understand his “blackness” if he was raised by a white family.

Afraid of what Toby’s mother might think of having a baby out of wedlock, Toby and Kate decide to get married! A funny but sweet moment in this episode is when Toby begins talking to Jack’s ashes about proposing to Kate. He doesn’t feel right about this courthouse wedding and seems to find solace in “getting” Jack’s advice on the whole matter. He doesn’t think it is what Kate truly wants and feels that it is a bunch of BS. This all translated into a beautiful, heartfelt proposal by Toby who used a series of sweatshirts to pop the question. He also presents to her the option of getting married in City Hall or having a traditional wedding like she’s always wanted. Once again, a moment that will be cherished forever in This Is Us history. Btw, SHE SAID YES!

As Kevin prepares to go visit Sophie, he decides to make a grand gesture as Jack would have. He finds himself at a jewelry store trying to find a present that will make Sophie happy and make up for his behavior lately. When he arrives to meet Sophie, he finds himself having a flash forward to their future with a child and him struggling with his addiction. This moment comes to a head when he begins to spiral in front of Sophie and breaks up with her, a scene amazingly played out by Justin Hartley.

Randall decides to go visit Deja’s mother in jail to confront her about missing her visit. He realizes that her mother has been beaten up and discovers the reason behind her not showing up. This did not prevent him from sharing his feelings over the matter, and how it negatively affected Deja.

Rebecca writes a letter (inclusive of a family picture) to the judge declaring that Randall is their son, regardless of his thoughts. They are determined to be a family and will continue to become one whether he approves or not. The judge recuses himself from the case, and the new judge legally confirms their adoption of Randall.

As always, This Is Us ended in a powerful moment and reveal as we see elderly William get his cancer diagnosis and nearly take the path to continue doing drugs. This moment is interrupted when Randall shows up at his doorstep revealing that he is his son. The reveals continue when we learn that the judge who eventually recused himself from the adoption case was friends with the judge that was helping young William. Bravo, This Is Us, Bravo.

Score: 8/10

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