TV ReviewsInhumans Season 1 Episode 8: And Finally: Black Bolt Review

Keith NoakesNovember 11, 2017

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Synopsis: The final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus takes an unexpected turn. (IMDB)

Writers: Rick Cleveland and Scott Reynolds

Director: Billy Gierhart

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43mins

So it’s finally over but did it end gracefully? Of course it didn’t and a second season is highly unlikely due to the lack of viewership and critical reception. Now how does the season and presumably the series end?

The last episode ended with Maximus revealing that he was tied to the fate of Atilan. If his palm does not get scanned in the control room every hours then the dome protecting Atilan would be destroyed. Since taking his hand wasn’t an option, the Royal family began to prepare for evacuation. Medusa turned to Louise for help. In exchange for a favor, she wanted to go to Atilan but Medusa insisted that it wasn’t safe. Medusa wanted Louise to help her find somewhere that the people of Atilan could go if they were to be evacuated.

On the way to the control room, Black Bolt and Maximus aired their grievances with a few flashbacks of them as children along the way. Maximus resented Black Bolt for being king instead of him. They got separated and when Maximus wanted his second terrigenesis, the crystals were gone. The clairvoyant told him that he would ultimately be the undisputed king of Atilan.

Louise found them somewhere they could go. Medusa then entrusted her with the terrigen crystals. Louise still wanted to go to the moon but she settled for giving Medusa her father’s ashes for her to place there.

Also in the last episode, Karnak put Gorgon through a second terrigenesis to try and bring him back to life and he did but Gorgon was much different and angrier. In a fit of rage, he killed Declan before being captured by the Royal guards and placed in the quiet room along with Karnak who had been captured earlier. Gorgon used his brute strength to break through a wall and they escaped, running into Triton.

Black Bolt eventually ran into the three of them and was surprised to see Gorgon again. He settled Gorgon down. Medusa tried to talk Maximus down by trying to reconnect with him but was unsuccessful. She then spoke to the people of Atilan to warn them about Maximus and prepare them for evacuation. Maximus resisted until the end with his selfish intention slowly surfacing.

With the dome on the verge of collapse, the people started to evacuate. Karnak pleaded to Gorgon to come with him. Medusa pleaded to Black Bolt but he still had unfinished business with Maximus. Black Bolt confronted Maximus and he admitted to being responsible for the circumstances that led to their parents’ death during a flashback of that event. Instead of the big battle that everyone probably expected, Black Bolt barricaded Maximus in the Royal bunker and finally spoke to destroy the palace behind him before evacuating to Earth.

The episode ends with Medusa, on Earth, translating Black Bolt’s words in a speech to the evacuated people of Atilan.

Overall, this was a fitting end to the series as it ended the way in which it started, with terrible writing, acting, directing, and special effects. The finale leaves the possibility of more but this show isn’t coming back but if it does, they need to learn from all the mistakes this season and do it completely different.

Score: 4/10

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