TV ReviewsThe Flash Season 4 Episode 6: When Harry Met Harry Review

Ariba BhuvadNovember 14, 2017

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Synopsis:  Barry turns to a surprising ally for help when collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta who can bring inanimate objects to life. Harry enlists Cisco’s help to summon the ultimate think tank to crack the identity of the Thinker. (TVGuide) 

Writers: Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza

Director: Brent Crowell

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43 minutes

This week’s The Flash continued its funny streak as it seems Ralph Dibny has officially joined the team. Since the events of the bus crash still remain foggy in his memory, Iris and Barry take him to their therapist to try and attempt to retrieve these memories via hypnosis. The hilarity continues when Cisco makes Dibny his costume in the form of a stretchy, tiny tarp, which was absolutely unflattering and ugly, to say the least.

Meanwhile, The Thinker inches closer to what he anticipates will result in victory for him. It seems the team is stumbling closer to discovering his true identity and DeVoe’s role in all this, just as The Thinker wanted. The road to discovering The Thinker’s identity takes a hilarious turn when Harry offers to seek help from his “friends” who happen to be four doppelgangers of his, inclusive of a post-apocalyptic and German version of himself. The episode helps Harry explore more about himself as he deals with the “Council of Wells” who come up with an intelligent game plan to find DeVoe.

Barry and Joe face a complicated, unusual murder case that involves another bus metahuman aka Black Bison (Chelsea Kurtz) that has the ability to leave a psychic imprint on objects, allowing it to use said objects as puppets to commit acts. This meta-human seems to specifically target those that collect Native American artifacts (as she, herself is Sioux) making an interesting, odd villain this episode.

Dibny faces doubt in the wake of screwing up a mission, which nearly took a young girl’s life. He finds himself facing the reality of his new situation and how to conquer this change. With the help of Barry, he finds some stable ground and clarity.

In a final showdown, Barry and Dibny face the Black Bison as she psychically takes over a T-Rex display in the museum. The fight doesn’t last very long as Barry easily manipulates her and manages to capture her, without much trouble, sending her off to the confines of Iron Heights.

In the “stretched” additional scene, a banter between Caitlin and Dibny reveals he wants to get something special for a girl. Assuming this is of a romantic nature, we later find out he meant to get something for the girl who was hurt and in the hospital.

In the final moments of the episode, Harry and Cisco discover the identity of DeVoe and find his whereabouts. As Joe and Barry go to interrogate him, they are greeted by his wife and DeVoe in a wheelchair, aka who we can assume is..The Thinker.

While this season has been quite silly and funny, this episode was a bit scattered, odd, and slow. Dibny’s addition to the team hasn’t been as seamless as they might have anticipated. He comes off quite annoying, nagging, and whiny. His presence seems to have the opposite effect on helping the team, especially when he winds up a hurting little girl in the process of capturing the Black Bison. It is yet to be seen if his character will take a turn for the better, or continue to be an unwelcome presence in the show. This episode felt a bit all over the place with the unnecessary addition of Harry’s doppelgangers, which didn’t seem to contribute to the overall plot. With them finally coming face to face with DeVoe, here’s to hoping there is more action and drama in the coming episodes.

Although a welcome change from last season’s gloom, the last couple episodes (including tonight’s) have fallen short of expectations.

Score: 6.0/10

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