TV ReviewsGotham Season 4 Episode 9 A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie Review

Keith NoakesNovember 17, 2017

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Synopsis: Professor Pyg continues to torment Gotham city, involving Jim Gordon whenever possible. Sofia and Penguin get ready for a fundraiser for the orphanage, and things don’t go as planned when Professor Pyg shows up as the chef. (IMDB)

Writer: Iturri Sosa

Director: Nathan Hope

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

With last week’s filler episode out of the way, it’s time to focus on the main characters and the stupid and lazy writing, hitting the same beats once again.

The episode starts with a man in a disguise, presumably Pyg, rounding up homeless people and then murders them. In the last episode, Gordon became the captain of the GCPD but Bullock still wasn’t pleased. Pyg then called the GCPD to warn Gordon about his next plan to go after Gotham’s upper class.

Meanwhile, Sophia was holding a fundraiser for her orphanage. Penguin was upset with Gordon’s promotion. He wanted his revenge on whoever was responsible for the promotion. With Martin (Christopher Convery), the boy whom he befriended in the last episode, performing, Penguin’s revenge took a backseat. While Penguin got Martin ready for the fundraiser, he shared his suspicions about Sophia using him to get to Penguin. He wanted Martin to find proof of this for him.

Pyg was harvesting organs from homeless people but they didn’t know why. After investigating an abandoned paper plant, Gordon and Detective Harper (Kelcy Griffin) found Pyg and he took Harper hostage. Then Gordon was badgered by the press who asked oddly specific questions. It was obvious that Pyg was planning something around Sophia’s fundraise but Gordon found a clue left by him that he was going to feed the poor to the rich. Gordon of course decided to go in alone.

The chef for Sophia’s fundraiser, who was obviously Pyg, decided to make a small change to the menu. He showed her his Gotham meat pies which presumably was where he hid the homeless people parts. When Gordon tried to infiltrate the fundraiser, he was knocked out and stored with Harper who gave him a knife that her captors failed to take from her. Sophia tried to steer Penguin away from his wanting of revenge. He wanted her to confess but before that could happen, Pyg interrupted them and forced them to join the others in the dining room.

Pyg did a little routine before forcing the guests to each eat a meat pie made with the parts of a homeless person. He also gave each guest a name and a picture of each person they would be eating. When she asked about the kids, Sophia got stabbed in the hand by Pyg. Of course the guests were not willing to eat people pies but when Pyg threatened to kill Martin, another guest didn’t care about Martin and was stabbed in the head by Penguin. He then started eating his pie and threatened the others if they didn’t eat theirs. Gordon showed up and saved the guests before he and Pyg had a decent fight scene where Gordon came out on top.

After the diner, Penguin confronted Sophia about Gordon and she admitted to being responsible. She made it out to be his fault since he didn’t listen to her earlier. Penguin was upset but he let it go because of what she did for Martin. He did not want her to betray him again. The press were a lot nicer to Gordon after capturing Pyg.

Bruce has been on a downward spiral ever since killing Ra’s al Ghul and this continued here. He has become very unlikable during this time. Here, he was hungover after a night of partying. Alfred was disappointed to say the least but Bruce didn’t care. Today was the day where he was supposed to go camping with his father. That wasn’t going to change now that his father was dead as Alfred was going to take him instead. Their trip wasn’t doing it for Bruce. Alfred told him a story about how he and his father first met. Bruce lied to Alfred so he could take their car and drive off. Once Alfred returned to the mansion, Bruce was having a party that he immediately put an end to. He wanted to help but Bruce didn’t want it. Alfred just couldn’t understand. Bruce just walked away.

At the end of the episode, Gordon confronted Sophia told her that he didn’t like what happened but he accepted it because he felt like he and the city deserved him being captain. She tried to kiss him though he pulled away. Martin told Penguin that he saw them kiss thus revealing Sophia’s true motives.

Overall, this was a decent episode despite the stupid and lazy writing. It feels like the show is slowly moving back in the right direction now that Gordon is captain but it is doing so in a very awkward way by putting him up on a pedestal. The dining room scene was sort of exciting, however, executed poorly. Teen angst Bruce is unbearable so hopefully he gets over that sooner rather than later.

Score: 7/10

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