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Ariba BhuvadNovember 22, 2017

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Synopsis: The kids are reeling following last night’s events. As an investigation begins, they discover their parents may have more to hide than they could have imagined. (TVGuide) 

Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Director: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45 minutes

The first two episodes introduced us to the plot of Marvel’s Runaways with the six teens finding themselves amidst the mystery of their parents sacrificial cult. The third episode pushed the story further and continued to build on the dark and mysterious workings of this cult.

A flashback to 10 years prior reveals the parents and children at the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez, Molly’s parents, who perished in a fire. We learn that Molly was adopted by the Yorkes’, which clarifies the fact that we have only heard her refer to them by first name.

The mystery of how the fire began is unknown, however, Catherine questions Robert (James Yaegashi) about his wife’s burnt hand.

We also learn that the cat pin that Geoff found in his study was in fact, Molly’s, given to her by her parents.

To discuss the events of the night before, Alex calls for a group meeting. Still rattled from what they saw, Karolina shows up declaring she has been texting Destiny, who she claims sent her a picture from London. But clearly photoshopped, the kids split up to cover all bases and try and figure out what’s going on. Karolina heads to the church to inquire about Destiny, while Gert and Chase head to Victor’s lab to look for the capsule. Alex decides to head to his father’s study to explore the secret room and see what he finds.

Victor is working back in the lab while experiencing hallucinations of Destiny. It appears he has lost his mind and continues to be an ass when his wife shows up.

Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) and Dale (Kevin Weisman) Yorkes make the cover of a renowned medical journal for a serum they have been working on, and which is funded by the Minorus.

Chase and Gert explore Victor’s lab only to find the capsule is competely empty. Hopefully but still paranoid, Gert suggests they check out her parent’s basement, especially since Molly is convinced something is in there. Arriving at the basement leads to them opening the door to see if Destiny is inside. To their shock and terror, a DINOSAUR runs out, wrecking havoc in the lab. It appears Gert is able to communicate with the dinosaur who listens when she says to calm down.

With the discovery of the clip, the Wilders contemplate over what to do and how to confront Molly. Catherine is not messing around and decides using the serum will be the best way to talk to Molly. When she tracks down Molly, she tries to inquire about the night before and why the clip was found in the study. In a panicked state, Molly manages to sneak out via destroying the bathroom with her strength, and immediately falls asleep. Catherine finds her and takes her into the car to question her about the night before again. A smart and clever Molly concocts a story about looking for alcohol that appeases Catherine enough to not use the serum.

Meanwhile, Nico manages to get the magical staff out of lock. She finds her sister’s scrapbook in her mom’s desk and upon pulling out a paper snowflake from the book, it starts snowing in the room! She calls over Alex to figure it out, which results in a hilarious situation when Tina unexpectedly comes home, finding the two in Nico’s room pretending to hook up. This resulted in a cute moment when Alex kisses Nico for real while saying good-bye.

It was revealed who Janet is having an affair with…Robert! The two are shown in a moment of passion after escaping their miserable spouses. Robert wants to take their relationship to the next level and tell Tina about the affair. He has even bought the apartment they’re hooking up in for himself and Janet. Janet, however, is quite hesitant over this and doesn’t seem too pleased.

And if things couldn’t weirder, a news report reveals that Destiny’s body was washed up on the beach! This would explain why the weird, decrepit body Tina talks to hasn’t shown any improvements since the ceremony. Not to mention, Tina and Leslie realize that not only did Victor dispose of the body after a failed ceremony, but this means they need to do another sacrifice!

The third episode was a solid continuation of this very interesting, complex story. We learned a bit more about what this sacrifice means, although we have yet to understand the deeper purpose. The dark, creepy tone of the show really gives it life and brings in the audience. There is a lot going on in the story, however, it works and doesn’t seem to muddle together or cause confusion. The simultaneous storylines make for an amazing series and add to its allure.

Score: 7/10

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