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Ariba BhuvadNovember 22, 2017

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Synopsis: Kate and Toby’s lives take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Rebecca encourages Kate’s singing aspirations. (TVGuide)

Writers: KJ Steinberg & Shukree Hassan Tilghman 

Director: Ken Olin

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45 minutes

This week was the second episode in a three-part episode focusing on each of the Big Three. Tonight’s episode was a heart-breaking Kate-centric episode, following the news of her having a miscarriage.

As always, This Is Us delivered an emotionally packed, beautiful episode unfolding the lives of its characters in the most amazing of ways. The episode began with a still pregnant Kate taking prenatal vitamins and singing to her baby. That moment was so impactful as this is the most content and joyful we have seen Kate through the entire series. She even created a long list of questions she would ask the doctor at their next appointment to ensure she is doing all she can to protect her baby. This happiness takes a dramatic turn when Kate calls out for Toby in pain.

The next scene takes us to the doctor delivering the horrible news that their baby was lost but they can always try again. As the episode progressed, it showed Kate having flashbacks to the moment she realized something was wrong. It was perhaps one of the most gut-wrenching things one can witness on television. This is a testament to Metz’ superb acting in this episode, props to her for taking it up a million notches with her amazing performance.

Unable to face the reality of the situation, Kate tries to find solace and distraction in her singing gig. Much to Toby’s dismay, she goes anyway, only to have a breakdown mid-performance.

In the past, Rebecca struggled to get through to teen Kate (Hannah Zelle) about applying to college. While in her room, Rebecca discovered a college application to a music school along with a recorded tape of Kate singing. She is completely taken aback by the beautiful voice she is hearing and chooses to support Kate. One of the most beautiful moments of this episode was a classic This Is Us montage of Rebecca listening to Kate singing with a flash-forward of adult Kate singing at her gig. It depicted the issues and problems from the past and present in such a captivating way.

In the present, Kate continues to struggle with the news of the miscarriage and looks to find solace in eating. However, unable to do so, she goes back home, while Toby is out searching for her, unaware of where she is. It is to be pointed out that Sullivan’s acting in this episode was next level. He channeled the depression, frustration, support, and anxiety of a husband facing this type of situation so extraordinarily.

Toby and Kate have a confrontation where Toby reveals to Kate that this happened to him too. He feels the internal pain and lost a baby too, and she can’t take that away from him.

A mother’s support fixes everything, just like it did for Kate in this episode. Rebecca shows up at Kate’s door, ready to offer her support and love. This moment is a throwback to when Rebecca told young Kate that no matter what, “my arms will always be open to you for you to fall in.” This moment gave them just that, and what a moment it was. Moore’s portrayal as an over-bearing but passionate and loving mother really brings to life Rebecca’s role as an amazing mom. The conversation between Rebecca and Kate really proved to be a wonderful one as Rebecca helped Kate navigate through the feelings she was experiencing. She gave her guidance and advice to talk to Toby and to share how she is feeling. It was a beautiful moment between two beautiful characters.

This conversation with Rebecca inspired Kate to talk to Toby about her guilt and shame. It also gave us another precious moment when she revealed that she wanted to try again some day. It was reassuring as viewers to see the couple pick themselves up again and look ahead to another day.

This episode was amazing in every which way as learned even more about “Number Two”, aka Kate. Her struggles as a child, her tumultuous relationship with her mother, and her need to be understood all came to fruition in tonight’s episode with some excellent writing and acting. This Is Us shows no sign of stopping as they deliver hit after hit, each and every episode.

“Okay, number three, it’s your turn”

Score: 8.5/10

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