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Ariba BhuvadDecember 13, 2017

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Synopsis:  During PRIDE’s gala, the kids set in motion a new plan to take down their parents for good. As the evening unfolds, everyone’s personal drama threatens to derail their plans. (TVGuide) 

Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Director: Patrick Norris

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45 minutes

Tonight’s episode brought some clarity into the lingering mystery of PRIDE and what purpose they serve. A flashback to 15 years prior shows Jonah with the Wilders’, informing them that the house they are currently in, is theirs. The same house, in fact, that they reside in, in the present.

This flashback includes all the parents gathering together for what appears to be the first PRIDE meeting, and the first sacrifice. However, apart from Leslie, Tina, and Robert, the group was unaware of what exactly was about to take place. To their surprise, they learned that the box was used to perform a “pure conversion of matter to energy in a form that can be absorbed by a human body.” Realizing they had just essentially murdered a child, the group was in an uproar.

Unfortunately, none of them were able to rid themselves of PRIDE, as Tina had recorded the entire sacrifice on camera and uploaded it to the Wizard server. Seeing as how Jonah was the monetary contributor for many of their individual projects, the group had no choice but to continue partaking in this ritual.

In the present, Jonah was insisting that he would attend Wizard’s upcoming gala celebrating PRIDE. This insistence came on the hopes of crossing paths with Karolina, who we learned is actually Jonah’s daughter.

After discovering their parents secret, the kids were on a mission to locate the video that would incriminate them. Alex wanted Nico’s help to break into the Wizard server, which they would do during the gala. However, Nico was quite hesitant throughout the episode as she had been bonding with Tina over the magical staff and being trained on how to use it. It appears the staff only works with Tina’s DNA, but seems to also work for Nico.

This was an interesting episode for Karolina as well, as she continues to struggle with the discovery of the magical lights she possesses. While Karolina tried to gauge understanding of this, Chase continued to bond with Victor over their inventions.

We also learned that Victor knew of his wife’s affair with Robert. In fact, he had found a way to hack into their phones and listen in on their conversations as they discussed leaving their spouses.

With a plan in mind, the kids got together to discuss their plan to break into the servers during the gala. However, Nico and Chase appeared to be hesitant as both had been bonding with their parents, and found it difficult to go along with the plan.

An important point is that in the midst of all their planning to out their parents, it is interesting that the group has not realized what this may mean for them. Seeing as they are all under 18, it doesn’t seem like they realize their lives will change forever.

Despite Leslie’s advice not to, Jonah decided to show up to the gala. An awkward exchange between him and Frank, reveals that Frank’s memory had been wiped clean of anything linking back to Jonah. However, Frank’s visions reminded him that he had seen Jonah before, in bed with his wife. Awkward.

If you can recall, Molly was promised by Catherine that she would tell her more about her parents. Throughout the episode, Molly texted Catherine out of fear and warned her time is running out.

Alex, Gert, and Nico snuck their way into the server room, with Gert being a distraction. Successful in their mission, they acquired the incriminating video of their parents. However, it is important to point out that Nico was able to use her DNA once again to get into her mom’s office. Is it possible that Nico isn’t just Tina’s daughter, but a clone?

Feeling miserable and confused, Karolina had a moment of frustration that led her to the roof with a vodka bottle in hand. Out of concern, Chase followed her up to the roof. Angry and confused, Karolina got on top of the ledge and slipped, falling from the roof. Just as we start to think Karolina has fallen to her death, we see her floating in the sky courtesy of her magical lights. The girl can fly!

Just when we thought the drama was over, Victor (in a brain tumor-induced episode) revealed to everyone at the party that he knew about Janet and Robert’s affair. Shortly after, he fainted, at which point Janet learned about his brain tumor. As Victor seemed to take his last breaths, the group brought in Jonah to inject Victor with a form of immunotherapy. Not only did this bring him back from the verge of death, but completely improved his health.

In the final moments of the episode, Nico learns of her father’s affair and finds herself sympathizing with her mother more than ever before.

Remember when Molly told Catherine time was running out? In a moment of word vomit, she mentioned “she didn’t see anything”, alerting Catherine, that Molly did indeed see the sacrifice.

Runaways continues to be exhilarating, exciting, and thrilling every step of the way, and this episode was no exception. It has been a wonderful addition to the Marvel TV universe and continues to exceed expectations with every passing episode.

Score: 7.5/10

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