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Keith NoakesDecember 23, 2017

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Synopsis: With the help from Lance Hunter, nothing will stop Fitz from finding his lost team as his secret journey is revealed. (IMDB)

Writer: Craig Titley

Director: Jesse Bochco

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

Through the first four episodes of this season, the question of Fitz has loomed large and rightfully so. This episode, for the most part, was an entertaining change of pace, filling in some gaps with Fitz while giving us some answers about the future arc and its possible relation to present day Earth.

The episode once again started at the diner when most of SHIELD was abducted but they were not interested in Fitz which was why he didn’t go with them. Before Fitz knew it, they simply disappeared. He also learned that the military and General Hale (Catherine Dent) was also after them as well, presumably after an LMD of Daisy killed Talbot (although it’s unclear if he’s really dead). Unfortunately for them, they were too late as most of SHIELD were already gone, leaving Fitz behind.

After being captured, Fitz was interrogated incessantly though he maintained that he did not know where the others were and that he was just as invested in learning of their whereabouts as they were. Fitz, reeling from the framework, accepted his incarceration and offered to help the military find his friends for which they eventually gave in. Months had passed while he obsessively read countless books and other information to try and find them and he got nowhere. He was also secretly communicating with the outside world and we later learned that the person he was communicating with was no other than Hunter!

Fitz and Hunter had excellent chemistry which made them fun to watch. It all started when Fitz’s elaborate escape plan was bettered by Hunter. The two got away in an ordinary motorhome where Fitz shared what he was up to during Hunter’s absence while Hunter told Fitz that he and Bobbi were doing their own thing. While looking at the footage of the abduction, they found the vehicle used and tracked it to the owner, the ominous looking man from last season’s finale and the season premiere who was really an alien named Enoch (Joel Stoffer) sent to the Earth 30,000 years prior the evolution of mankind.

Enoch expected them. He told them that the others were in the year 2091, showing them go through the monolith. They were sent to the future to fulfill a prophecy that Fitz was apparently not part of. Enoch claimed that he was working on behalf of a seer. Fitz forcefully demanded that they see this seer who turned out to be Robin Hinton (Lexy Kolker), the daughter of an Inhuman who Daisy had run into previously. Her drawings seemed to foretell the future with one of them depicting the Earth splitting in half. While in pursuit of Fitz and Hunter, the military also learned of Robin but they were able to escape using the same alien technology.

Enoch had been reluctant to help them but he decided to take them where he took the others, the place from the postcard the others found in the future which coincidentally was a lighthouse which was also a nickname for the station in the future. Enoch didn’t know anything about where he took them. He was forbidden to interfere other than to prevent an extinction level of event which he knew nothing about either. Robin told Fitz that he wasn’t part of the prophecy because his job was to save the others. With this new prophecy, Enoch offered to help by telling them about the capsule he used to get to Earth. His capsule just happened to be on the same the base which they broke out of earlier.

On the base, they found the capsule along with a quinjet full of weapons. It was definitely cool to see the role reversal of Fitz taking charge by holding off the soldiers while Hunter started the jet. For some unknown reason, Hale punished the two lieutenants who failed to find Fitz and Robin by shooting them in the head before speaking to someone else on the phone.

The capsule was a cryo-chamber where he had to sleep for 70+ years to get to the others. There also was a cool Star Wars reference before Fitz was frozen. The last scene was of Fitz waking up in the future and Enoch preparing him for what he was set to face.

Overall, this was a fun and exciting episode which started to connect the present and the future by bringing Fitz back into the fold and pairing him with Hunter. It was definitely nice to see him again and it will be interesting to see what the future hold for him. We started to get some answers but there are still questions yet to be answered such as what happened to the Earth, the connection between Enoch and Robin, and how is Hale involved. Iain De Caestecker was great here as Fitz and it will be interesting to see this version of him with the rest of the gang hopefully very soon.

Score: 8.5/10

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