Day: January 7, 2018

75th Golden Globe Awards Winners and Prediction Results

Here are the winners of tonight’s 75th Golden Globe Awards and our prediction results. Continue reading “75th Golden Globe Awards Winners and Prediction Results”


Outlander Season 3 Review

Two lives, separated by time. A journey to reunite them. And the adventure of their love for one another. Yes, season 3 of Starz’s Outlander was indeed an interesting and entertaining season, further continuing the episodic drama odyssey of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. Continue reading “Outlander Season 3 Review”

Classic Review: Patriots Day (2016)

This was the first screening I attended last year. It’s amazing that they managed to make a film about the Boston Marathon bombing just over 3 years after it happened. The last few Peter Berg films have been so-so but what was different about this one was that it took a more grounded approach with its storytelling which made it much more compelling to watch and full of emotion. (original review)

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Classic Review: Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)

I was a fan of the first few Underworld films although I took the last few off because they seemed like more of the same. I went back to this film, perhaps for nostalgia sake and I was deeply disappointed. It was nice to see Kate Beckinsale back but this new entry was just lazy and bad in almost every aspect. Maybe they can get it back for the next film as this one leaves the possibility for more films, however, if they’re going to be like this one then they should stop here. (original review)

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