TV ReviewsLethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 12: Diggin’ Up Dirt Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 10, 2018

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Synopsis: When Riggs visits his father-in-law in prison, an old secret about his deceased wife comes to light; Murtaugh tries to impress Capt. Avery; Trish and Leo Getz try to solve a murder on their own. (TVGuide)

Writers: Seamus Kevin Fahey and Joe Smith

Director: Maja Vrvilo

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 44mins

Need a way to recover from a subpar episode? Then bring back Riggs’ past of course. His past has played prominently in the first season but we’ve been learning a lot more about him as of late with the return of his father lurking in the background.

This episode started with Riggs having a memory of Miranda where they spoke of each other’s fathers. When asked about his father, Riggs made up a story about him but Miranda knew he was lying so he told her the truth. She didn’t know much about that part of him, however, she made him promise not to lie to her again.

Meanwhile, Avery was considering running for City Council but he would have to resign his captaincy first. Thinking that Murtaugh could take his place, he tried hard to act captain-like during the rest of the episode.

Trish was meeting with an old colleague named Gene Nakahara (C.S. Lee) at a restaurant where he shared his aspirations to run for mayor until Getz showed up and interrupted them, desperately offering his services. As they left, Getz showed up again and as Nakahara started his car, it exploded. In order to protect Trish, Getz laid on top of her longer than necessary. She was obviously shaken up. Getz was interrogated over his relationship with Nakahara. Getz stalked him but he thought Nakahara could help him find work. He also revealed that Nakahara was supposed to meet Ronnie Delgado later that day at the prison.

Murtaugh tried to keep this information from Riggs but he figured it out rather quickly. At the prison and with Ronnie in the open, a riot ensued and was used as a distraction so an inmate could attack Ronnie. In the infirmary, Ronnie claimed to not know who attacked him and that Nakahara wanted to meet with him to discuss their past. Ronnie also knew about Riggs’ father and that Miranda may have known about it too.

At Nakahara’s funeral, Getz began to network while Murtaugh met briefly with the LAPD brass. Trish and Getz noticed a man they remembered from the restaurant. Getz convinced Trish to pursue it themselves. Murtaugh and Riggs met with the man, a private investigator named Mike Serrano (Tim Kang), and spoke with him about the case. Serrano revealed that Miranda hired him to look into Riggs because she was worried that he was hiding something. Serrano said something to set him off but instead of attacking him, he shot out Serrano’s aquarium.

Riggs regretted not telling Miranda the truth himself even though he was only protecting her from his darkness. Trish and Getz’s own research led them to Nakahara’s competition for mayor, Councilman Sean O’Brien (Michael Reilly Burke). Nakahara had dirt on O’Brien that O’Brien could have killed him over. While Murtaugh and Riggs were staking out Serrano who was meeting O’Brien, Trish and Getz showed up and ran into the back of them.

Trish and Getz found a photo of Ronnie’s property where Riggs and Miranda got married. Miranda knew the truth about Riggs before they got married but she wanted to marry him anyway. Getz and Riggs separately figured out the truth that O’Brien was responsible for the death of one of his female coworkers in which he had a romantic relationship with. As Riggs found a body on Ronnie’s property, Serrano showed up and had his cronies hang him. Fortunately, Murtaugh arrived just in time to save him and they saved the day.

With O’Brien going to prison, Avery’s aspirations and Murtaugh’s captaincy will have to wait. Riggs spoke to Cahill and told her that he wished he could tell Miranda the truth to give her the chance to forgive him but Cahill thought that he should forgive himself. Finally, when Riggs went to visit Ronnie, he learned that Ronnie died.

Overall, this was a good episode that made up for last week’s subpar episode by taking Riggs’s past and made it seem like it had to do with the episode but it really didn’t. The fact that Miranda knew about his past perhaps will help him move on as he still has some work to do in that regard. Maybe Ronnie’s death will help in that as well. Other than that, it was a fun story that took a few twists and turns that utilized Getz in a not overbearing way. Murtaugh as captain would make an interesting dynamic and his goofiness here added a nice touch. Hopefully, they can continue along this path and crank out some more good episodes.

Score: 8/10

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