TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 7: Together or Not At All Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 12, 2018

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Synopsis: Just as the team reunites, they become prey to an undefeated Kree warrior bent on killing them all. (IMDB)

Writer: Matt Owens

Director: Brad Turner

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

Sure, the team is back together but what now? This was the question left at the end of the previous episode. After this episode, that question remained as it did not provide much of an answer as characters were reeling from the events of the last episode.

The last episode ended with Daisy, Fitz, and Simmons escaping and this episode picked up where the last left off. The intensity from before remained as Fitz pulled the implant out of Simmons’ head while Daisy fought off a few Kree along the way. At one point it looked like they were cornered with Fitz getting shot, however, they were saved by Deke. He claimed to be on their side but everyone was still skeptical of his true motives.

Meanwhile, another part of the episode involved the friction between Kasius and Faulnak. Kasius survived but he still had to prove himself to his much stronger brother, while also settling their differences, and Sinara who was beginning to lose faith in him. Faulnak took control of the situation, releasing his own muscle, Manston-Dar (Remington Hoffman), to dispatch of the Shield agents.

Sensing the writing on the wall, Coulson believed that they should make their move. Flint was conflicted about hiding while innocent people were dying because of him. Once everyone was reunited, Flint used this as an opportunity to escape and surrender. He pretended to surrender but that was just a ploy to use his power to get revenge on the Kree that killed Trish.

Once together again, their master plan was to head to the surface of the Earth as they believed the answer to be there. Thanks to Deke, they managed to get away from Sinara and Manston-Dar, who she killed, but not everybody decided to go with them as Flint wanted to stay and help the people and Mack and Yo-Yo decided to stay to be there for Flint. The problem was that no one knew how to operate the ship so Coulson gave it a shot. Finally standing up for himself, Kasius killed Faulnak.

We also got the longest glimpse we’ve had so far of the Earth’s surface where May was banished but she wasn’t alone as Fitz had tasked Enoch to watch over her. She had not moved on from what happened at the dinner, however, they were interrupted by an approaching gravity storm. This led to the last scene of the episode where May woke up in a zephyr and seeing an older Robin.

Overall, this was a decent episode that continued to position this first part of the season towards a potential ending. The escape was exciting to watch but not much happened besides that as it was primarily concerned with setting up what was to come. So far, the weakest part of this new season has been the new characters since it is still difficult to care about them and it feels like the show doesn’t care that much about them either. The biggest culprit in this episode was Kasius and the conflict with his brother Faulnak. This conflict just seemed extraneous as it had and probably won’t have much to do with the story as a whole. With a third of the season complete, it’s time for them to move on to something else.

Score: 7.5/10

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