TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 9: Best Laid Plans Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 27, 2018

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Synopsis: Mack, Yo-Yo and Flint fight to keep everyone alive by starting a revolution against the Kree. (IMDB)

Writer: George Kitson

Director: Garry A. Brown

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

The last few episodes have offered a few satisfying moments here and there but they haven’t done much to advance the season other than make things more convoluted than they already were. This episode saw Mack and Yo-Yo along with the remaining humans in the lighthouse mount an offensive against Kasius while Coulson and the others on Earth try and find a way back to them.

The plan on Earth was to somehow get the zephyr back online and in flying shape but this would not be an easy task. Meanwhile, Mack believed that they should have a plan of attack which went against Flint’s teenage impulsiveness. Tess came back from the dead to deliver them a message to surrender Flint or he would destroy them all.

After seeing the video of herself seemingly destroying the world, Daisy was conflicted about getting her powers back as she was afraid she would fulfill what she thought was her destiny. Fitz then discovered gravitonium on the zephyr which led him to believe that they were in a time loop where he would return to the past with the knowledge to use gravitonium which would lead to their current future. Coulson, and the rest of the episode, pretty much ignored Fitz’s discovery when he decided to attempt to start the zephyr.

Mack found out that Kasius’s plan involved bombs scattered throughout the human levels. In order to wait out the gravity storm, Coulson and the others decided to retreat in a nearby cave but Sinara showed up to fight Daisy while Simmons had an idea to use the gravity storm to help them propel the zephyr off Earth.

Tess brokered a meeting between Kasius and Daisy and Mack. They threatened to blow up Kasisus’ inhuman making infrastructure in exchange for the control of the bombs. The episode cut between the meeting and Daisy and Sinara’s fight scene to mirror each battle as well as the zephyr liftoff. The fight scene was exciting to watch, the liftoff was suspenseful, and seeing the humans get the upper hand on Kasius was satisfying. Ultimately, Daisy won the fight, the zephyr made it off Earth, and the humans moved the bombs so that they would cut them off from the Kree once Kasisus activated them.

The final scene foreshadowed that Kasisus had a seer of his own.

Overall, this was another decent episode that offered a few satisfying moments but did little to advance the season other than revealing that they were in a time loop. The question now becomes what will they do this time around to break it? It is also depending a little too much on these new characters that are difficult to care about. Zeke had a breakthrough and Tess was reunited with Flint, however, it wasn’t nearly impactful enough since we don’t know anything about these characters’ relationships because they only seem to exist offscreen. The show is awkwardly approaching the end of the space arc so hopefully it will all be worth it once it finally ends.

Score: 7.5/10

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