TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 11: He’s a Bad Father Review

Keith NoakesFebruary 2, 2018

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Synopsis: Laurel gets help from an important figure in her past as she deals with details of her past. Meanwhile, Annalise must overcome an obstacle involving one of her clients to her class-action lawsuit. (IMDB)

Writer: Maya Goldsmith

Director: Marta Cunningham

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Last week’s episode ended with the reveal that Laurel’s estranged mother had been trying to contact Dominic who she did not know was dead. This episode furthered the narrative that Laurel’s family had something to do with Wes’ death.

We didn’t have to wait long to meet Laurel’s mother (Lolita Davidovich) who wanted to come and testify on Laurel’s behalf during a custody hearing. Knowing what she knew about her, Annalise wasn’t fond of the idea. Laurel also told her mother almost everything that had happened. Meanwhile, Annalise still had her class-action lawsuit and after hearing that Nate’s dad (Glynn Turman) was one of her clients after Nate slipped her his case, she took it upon herself to do something for Nate for a change.

Everyone was nervous about meeting Laurel’s mother but she didn’t seem as crazy as she was made out to be. At the courthouse, Laurel confronted her father who claimed that he didn’t kill Wes. She attacked her father while being cross-examined by Annalise. While that was happening, Bonnie tried to find Wes’ phone in evidence to look into his relationship with Dominic. She also noticed something that led her to believe that she was being watched by Denver.

Jorge’s lawyer crossed the line several times during the hearing with the first being when he attacked Laurel during cross-examination. Also, Nate’s dad was perfect for Annalise’s class-action as he was improperly handled by the public defenders that represented him. She wanted Nate and her to meet him. When they met him, he wasn’t exactly happy to see Nate because he was a cop. He then had an outburst that forced the officers to remove him.

Connor stopped Oliver’s most recent attempt to help Simon because it would make him look guilty. Laurel’s mother was nervous before testifying but she wanted to. Annalise’s line of question didn’t start well, however, it led her mother to talk about how Laurel took care of her when she was facing mental health issues. Her mother believed that Laurel would be a good mother because of this. Thinking that Nate’s father had mental issues that were misdiagnosed, she was adamant that Nate convince him to become her face case. Nate went back to visit him and he agreed.

Isaac was then cross-examined. All the good things he said about Laurel didn’t mean a thing once Jorge’s lawyer pressed him about his daughter’s death and how he was responsible. He revealed that the DA’s office was reopening the case and implied that he staged his daughter’s suicide. It appears that Denver reopened the case to discredit or even frame Isaac to help Jorge keep custody of Laurel’s baby. Bonnie confirmed this news and that the evidence seemed real.

Laurel began to doubt herself. When Annalise went back to Isaac’s office, he wouldn’t respond because he looked like he may have relapsed. Bonnie also found that Wes had only contacted Dominic once but he also entered in an address on a map which was where he had met Laurel’s mother.

Overall, this was another good episode with a few more revelations and/or questions since you can’t necessarily believe everything you see and hear on this show. The fact that they tried to have Laurel’s custody hearing and Annalise’s class-action lawsuit in the same episode was commendable though they didn’t quite work together. They should choose one or the other because they both work individually. The courtroom scenes didn’t seem fair with Jorge’s lawyer given so much leeway but that’s supposed to represent the uphill battle they had to face. Laurel’s mother was an interesting addition and the reveal at the end didn’t come as much of a surprise, however, they should put Wes to bed and move on.

Score: 8.5/10

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