TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 10: Past Life Review

Keith NoakesFebruary 3, 2018

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Synopsis: The team has one final chance to return to their timeline, but their actions may have deadly consequences. (IMDB)

Writer: Daniel J. Doyle

Director: Eric Laneuville

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

So it’s over now it seems like so where do they go from here? This episode answered a few more questions while foreshadowing what may happen. The 100th episode is fast approaching so you can believe that it’d be something big.

The rest of the team is now back on the Lighthouse making final preparations before they all take the monolith back to their time and hopefully fix the future. Now it was just a matter of saving the Inhumans while making the sure the humans were safe after Shield left. Meanwhile, Kasius is still trying to prove himself to his father. Knowing that they’ll go back to the past, he wanted to stop them so his father could take over the Earth.

Tess took the saved Inhumans off the Lighthouse while Yo-Yo went to rescue one that was being kept elsewhere. She quickly learned that it was a future version of herself. This version of Yo-Yo was harvested for years and acted as Kasius’ seer. She told her about all their past meetings as they were part of a time loop. She also told her about Yo-Yo’s fiery future and how it connects to Mack’s death. The secret to possibly exiting the loop was Coulson and not saving him from dying.

Deke volunteered to help Enoch secure the machine powering the monolith. Daisy didn’t want to go because she felt responsible for what she may or may not have done to the Earth but Coulson knocked her out. Knowing that he was dying (he appeared to be hiding some sort of sickness), Coulson wanted to save her so she could possibly replace him if something were to happen.

Flint, wearing a Peter Quill looking suit, brought some rocks in from space through glass and sent the Kree into space. He took those rocks along with the monolith piece, used his power to build another monolith. Deke saved Enoch but he was badly damaged so he volunteered to serve as the power source for the monolith. This would mean that he and Deke would be destroyed in the process.

Simmons removed the ear worm from one of Kasisus’ servants. With Yo-Yo still gone, Mack went out to find her but instead saw Kasius kill the future version of her. Mack didn’t know about her so he thought she was dead so they fought until Simmons incapacitated him by inserting a worm into his ear and Mack putting his axe through him. Soon after that, the real Yo-Yo just happened to show up.

Now the team had to get back in time as they couldn’t hold up the monolith much longer. Whether they all got back in time or not remains to be seen but they all probably did.

The last scene was of Flint and Tess trying to figure out what was next for them.

Overall, this was a good finale (probably) to the space arc but they still have the future to save. What might to have to happen so they can do that could be big if the show is willing to go that far and kill off Coulson (again). How will the storyline that Fitz left behind figure into all of this? What will Yo-Yo do with the knowledge she learned from her future self and how will it affect how the story goes forward. Who made it through the monolith? Thanks to the Olympics, we have to wait 4 weeks to find out.

Score: 8.5/10

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