Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser Trailer

Let the fan rage begin! The teaser trailer for the second film in the expanded Star Wars universe based on Han Solo has been released. It may technically be in the Star Wars universe but it didn’t seem like much of a Star Wars film, at least for now. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since Solo is a different character. Alden Ehrenreich may not look or sound like Harrison Ford but if he simply did a Harrison Ford impression, fans would probably not like that either so it’s pretty much a no win situation. This is a teaser trailer so it of course doesn’t give much away but so far, it looks fine despite the director change. It will definitely be interesting to see more footage once it’s released but this is a Star Wars film at the end of the day so it will still make money. Solo: A Star Wars Story releases May 25th, 2018.


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      • It must’ve been Hammies Reviews where we were both trashing Solo. Sorry to assume you were on board.

        Personally, I haven’t truly enjoyed a Star Wars film outside the original three. I give props to Episode III for some fight scenes and advancement of the narrative; I dig Rogue One for being a little unconventional and still telling a decent story; and that’s about it. I do not hold high hopes for Solo, but will still totally see it like every other dork out there.